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1530 Skeleton Spiri

Chapter 1530: Skeleton Spirit
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Suddenly, Qingfeng Li turned tense. Although the black fog was afraid of his flame sword energy, the white skeleton claw didn't fear it at all.

The claw rose from the valley and clutched the sword energy, shattering it into red sparkles.

Seeing his attack caused no damage to the white skeleton claw, Qingfeng Li was pretty shocked.

He realized it was a powerful enemy from the ancient era in front of him. It was too strong to be something of this era.

Qingfeng Li activated his Mortal Purgatory Body without hesitation. With golden lights shining over his body, he punched out his right fist, conjuring a giant fist hundreds of meters in size and smashing it at the white claw.


A deafening bang spread away from the clash between the fist and the skeleton claw.

Qingfeng Li was struck dozens of meters away, almost falling into the valley.

His right foot stamped on his left one at the crucial moment, and he flew up again. But he felt a little numb on his right foot from the wound left by the skeleton claw.

A touch of coldness entered his skin and was about to corrode his organs and medians, so Qingfeng Li channeled the golden flame through his medians for a cycle and burned away the white chilling energy inside him.

"Human, well done on stopping my freezing breath." A high-pitched ear-piercing laughter came from deep within the valley, which made Qingfeng Li very uncomfortable.

Qingfeng Li's face dimmed, as he didn't expect the white skeleton claw to be this powerful. He attacked with another two powerful techniques, but both of them didn't work.

He realized how powerful these demonic creatures were after the mutation in the Kunlun Mountains.

These evil creatures suppressed underground from the ancient era had invincible power. They would have come out long ago if it wasn't for the Heavenly Dao that was suppressing them.

If that happened, the entire Eastern world would be destroyed by them, causing horrible consequences.

The white skeleton claw from the valley reached out again, piercing five holes through the air and scratching at Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng became sullen. He knew he must spare no efforts to kill the white skeleton claw.

He kept wielding the long sword, slashing it forward with his right hand, and performed the Strangle Hell Fist with his left hand, attacking the skeleton claw with two powerful techniques.

But he was still no opponent for the skeleton claw and was knocked away.

Some black hair even rose up from the valley and entangled his feet, trying to drag him down.

Qingfeng Li was startled. He swung the Fire Emperor Sword, trying to cut off the black hair.

The sword slashed at the hair, generating sparks and screeches, but it still couldn't cut it off.

It was not the hair of normal humans, but of evil creatures, containing special energy and was even harder than diamonds. Qingfeng Li couldn't do anything with it.

Suddenly, the voice of Dark Night Emperor rose in Qingfeng Li's mind-space, "Qingfeng Li, use your Thunder and Lightning Pearl right away and strike the hair with lightning. Don't let it drag you into the valley. Otherwise, you'll be in extreme danger."

Qingfeng Li was shocked by Dark Night Emperor's words. He dared not to hesitate and took out the Thunder and Lightning Pearl.

The Thunder and Lightning Pearl contained a thousand lightning bolts inside, exuding rotating lightning talisman scriptures.

Qingfeng Li channeled the thunder technique in his mind, activating the pearl and release a hundred strikes of lightning.

That was the largest amount of lightning he could release. He couldn't control more with his current power.


A hundred black lightning bolts came out of the Thunder and Lightning Pearl and struck at the hair underneath.


The black lightning contained terrifying power, cutting off the black hair with supreme power, and burning it downward.


Sharp screams came from underneath, sounding like someone was in extreme pain.

"Damn human, how dare you to control thunder to burn my hair. I'll definitely take my revenge!" A cold voice came from the depths of the valley.

The hair retreated into the valley along with the white skeleton claw and didn't show up anymore.

Although the master of the white skeleton claw hated Qingfeng Li, it was very afraid of the thunder, so it had no other choice but to retreat.

Qingfeng Li wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. Thanks to Dark Night Emperor and the thunder power, otherwise he would never defeat the white skeleton claw.

These evil creatures of the ancient era were too powerful. Qingfeng Li realized his cultivation level was still too low to protect those around him. He must improve his power faster.

Qingfeng Li flew up across the valley toward the black spirit flowers when he saw that the white skeleton claw retreated.

He had to take the two flowers over there. He moved fast and instantly got above the cliff, within three meters from those spirit flowers.

Qingfeng Li reached out his hand toward the flowers carefully.

Suddenly, he sensed a touch of danger and stepped back.

A black demonic wasp showed up where he stood a moment ago.

The sting of the black demonic wasp was very sharp, piercing into the hard rock. Qingfeng would definitely be stung if he stayed there.

Qingfeng Li felt quite annoyed. He didn't notice any danger around before but then they were attacked from behind by this black demonic wasp.

He looked around and checked if there were more demonic beasts.

Then, another two black demonic wasps showed up and attacked him from both directions.

Qingfeng Li hurriedly performed the Dragon's Thousand Step Journey and dodged the attack.

These two black demonic wasps crashed against each other and generated explosive sounds, shaping a black whirlpool in the air.