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Chapter 1330: The Mutated Demonic Snake

Chapter 1330: The Mutated Demonic Snake
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Qingfeng Li gazed at the senior in black and the Left Guardian with a mocking face.

The senior in black was the Third Elder of the Blade-Imperial Sect. Logically speaking, he should've been keen enough to pick up on Qingfeng Li's immense powers. Unfortunately, his eyes were blinded by arrogance.

Unless of course, he saw through Qingfeng Li's capabilities and just didn't care.

"Qingfeng Li, the Saint Perishing Fruit is ours. Get out of our way or face your death." The senior in black sneered as he threatened Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li remained calm, his eyes sparkling with deadly intentions. He said coldly, " Since you want to die, I will grant you your wish."

Qingfeng Li walked away from the Saint Perishing Fruit because he knew that the two men would ambush him if he did. Since they challenged him, he decided to take care of them first.

At the sight of Qingfeng Li walking towards him, the senior in black felt provoked. It was complete utter disrespect for his reputation.

With a quick movement, the senior in black pulled out a long black blade. It was an emperor level spiritual artifact. Emitting a chilling saber intent that rushed up to the heavens, the blade split open the ceiling of Hell.

The Blade-Emperor Sect was similar to the Sword-Emperor Sect, both being emperor level sects. Both sects were led by immensely powerful sect masters and elders belonging to the Spirit Emperor Realm.

The Left Guardian of the Beast-Emperor Sect stood by, watching as he felt no need to join in on the fight. As far as he was concerned, the senior in black was more than enough to kill Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li wanted a fast fight; he wanted to kill them quickly so he could grab the Saint Perishing Fruit.

With a flip of his wrist, Qingfeng Li pulled out his Fire Emperor Sword.

"Fire Mountain!" With a low roar, Qingfeng Li unleashed the first technique, forming a gigantic mountain 4000 meters tall.

The entire mountain was made of fire. In it, one could see the rolling magma, absolutely torrid, burning through everything.

The senior in black drawn in a sharp breath as he sensed an impending danger coming forth.

He immediately struck out his long blade, its blade energy forming a gigantic iceberg. He hoped to extinguish the fire mountain with the massive iceberg, but he was too naive. As soon as the two mountains collided, the Fire Mountain torched through the iceberg, burning it into nothingness.

The type of fire contained in the Fire Mountain was a unique type of flame. Its temperature of 4000 degrees Celsius came from the Fire Planet. It was incredibly mighty.

With an unmatched force, the Fire Mountain smashed ontop the black-cloaked senior, sending his body flying. His face turned colorless as his blood sprayed everywhere.

One exchange and the black-cloaked senior was heavily injured. At the sight of this, the surrounding self-cultivators all looked shocked beyond belief.

They were very familiar with the black-cloaked senior. He was the all mighty third elder of the Blade-Emperor Sect, and he was incredibly famous across the entire self-cultivation world.

But now? The mighty senior in black was unable to defend against even one of Qingfeng Li's attacks. Just how powerful was Qingfeng Li?

The crowd became more and more impressed by him.

The black-cloaked senior got up from the ground, struggling to stand. Blood continued to spew out from his mouth as his face grew colorless, and he looked at Qingfeng Li in disbelief.

Qingfeng Li's sword technique was too powerful. It was as if the black-cloaked senior had battled someone invincible, his long blade did not affect Qingfeng at all.

"I've said it before. Anyone who stands in my way to the Saint Perishing Fruit must die. You can go to hell now." With a swift movement, Qingfeng Li arrived before the Third Elder instantly. With lightning speed, he struck his longsword forward, stabbing the third elder's heart.

With his heavy injuries, the black-cloaked senior couldn't even react to Qingfeng Li's attack.

"You dare to kill me? The Blade-Imperial Sect will not let you get away with this." The senior in black glanced at Qingfeng Li with bitter eyes as he fell to the ground, setting off the dust on the ground as his breath stopped.

At the sight of this death, the Left Guardian of the Beast-Imperial Sect was completely shocked.

He was very familiar with the black-cloaked senior, and he was aware that they were similar in strength. Now that his companion had died, the Left Guardian felt a sense of panic.

The Left Guardian looked at Qingfeng Li and said, "Qingfeng, I don't want the Saint Perishing Fruit anymore. Let me go. Let me leave."

Qingfeng Li laughed lightly, but his laugh was menacing.

"Let you go? Do you think that's possible? You ambushed me before and almost killed me," Qingfeng Li said with a face full of killing intent, "It's safer for me if I kill my enemies."

The Left Guardian's expression darkened as he said coldly, "Since you're not letting me go, I will give it my all. I'm not so easily defeated."

The Left Guardian opened his mouth and began to voice out a beast chant, calling upon a demonic beast from his interspatial ring.

Suddenly, a demonic snake with three heads appeared. Its name was the Three-Headed Snake, and its body spanned over 300 meters long, completely covered by black scales.

There was also a set of black wings on its lower abdomen. It wasn't a regular snake type demonic beast, but rather a mutated demonic snake, a mix between snakes and hawks.

Qingfeng Li's gaze froze at the sight of the evil beast. Sensing its immense powers, he realized that the mutated demonic snake actually belonged to the half-step Spirit Emperor Realm.

Of course, it didn't pose a threat to Qingfeng Li.

"Little dog, take care of the mutated demonic snake. I'm going to kill the Left Guardian," Qingfeng Li instructed the black puppy.

Immediately afterward, Qingfeng Li transformed into a gust of wind, dashing towards the Left Guardian.

Black Puppy looked displeased. It was disgusted by the snake type demonic beast since it always had a feeling that mutated species were a disgrace to the pure breed demonic beasts.

The black snake batted its wings, arriving before Black Puppy. It brought forth a gust of wind that formed into a wind blade, cutting through the air and striking towards Black Puppy.

"What an ugly thing," Black Puppy said coldly, "Just die already."

Black Puppy waved its paw in the air, transforming it into a gigantic thousand meters long claw and tearing apart the wind blade instantly.

In the next moment, the gigantic dog paw clawed onto one of the black evil snake's heads, instantly tearing it to pieces.

With one of its heads torn apart, the mutated demonic snake attacked Black Puppy with its other two heads. However, with one swift move, Black Puppy tore apart the other two heads as well.

The mutated demonic snake let out a painful scream as its body hit the ground, twitching as it died.

Qingfeng Li had already arrived before the Left Guardian. He said coldly, "Your demonic beast is too weak. It cannot even defeat my small puppy. What a piece of garbage."