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Chapter 748: 81 Devils
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"Beauty, sleep with me first and then let me drink up your blood." The man in red robe gave an evil smile and said coldly. His words sounded very cruel.

Nishang Luo and Xianzhi Qin paled when they heard the words. Due to the Higher Heaven Pills they took, they were debilitated now. They were unable to defend themselves, like lambs waiting to be slaughtered. But even if the both did not take Higher Heaven Pills, they were not strong enough to fight against the man in the red robe because he had reached the half grandmaster realm. He could be considered the strongest among all the people around. Even though the half grandmaster realm was not the same as grandmaster realm, it was comparable to the strength of the grandmaster realm, and was much stronger than the Higher Heaven realm to the point where they couldn't be compared at all.

"Let's start with you, I like flirtatious woman more." The man in red robe looked at Nishang Luo, a hint of eagerness appeared in his eyes.

"Don't come over, I'm the young mistress of the Luo Family in Tianjing City. If you dare come over, the Luo Family won't let you go." Nishang Luo's face changed greatly, threatening him with the Luo Family, as she could not find anything else to threaten the red-robed man with except the Luo Family.

Tianjing City, Luo Family? The man in red robe froze for a second, and a hint of surprise appeared in his eyes. It was a certainty for him to know the Luo Family because it was one of the four great ancient martial arts families in Tianjing City, which had lasted for thousands of years with a deep background and strong influences.

"It's true that the Luo Family is powerful, but I'm not afraid. What a wonderful thing it would be if I can sleep with the young mistress of the Luo Family." The man in the red robe smiled coldly, and was not frightened by Luo Family.

Indeed, the Luo Family was powerful with a great reputation in the ancient martial arts world, but the man in the red robe had a strong background with great influence as well.

"I know who you are! You're Yangzi Blood, the Third Elder of the Vampire Sect." Staring at the face of the man in the red robe, Xianzhi Qin suddenly said. As the most time-honored power in Huaxia, the Fiery Emperor Palace was also the most mysterious power, and therefore it knew a lot about the ancient martial arts sects and powers in Huaxia.

Xinazhi Qin once saw the portrait of the red-robed man in the library of the Fiery Emperor Palace. His name was Yangzi Blood. He was the Third Elder of the Vampire Sect and also one of the 81 devils in the unorthodox world. There existed black and white, and there existed orthodox and unorthodox. There were 81 grandmasters in the orthodox world while there 81 devils in the unorthodox world. The 81 devils were all masters in the unorthodox world, with very strong combat strengths.

"Eh, little beauty, who're you? How do you know me?" Yangzi Blood looked at Xianzhi Qin, and a touch of surprise appeared in his eyes. Since only very few people knew about him, he wondered how the beautiful woman in front of him knew him.

"I'm Xianzhi Qin, the young mistress of Fiery Emperor Palace. Yangzi Blood, I advise you to leave quickly, if you dare to disrespect me, the Fiery Emperor Palace will absolutely kill you." Xianzhi Qin threatened with a cold smile.

Fiery Emperor Palace?

Yangzi Blood's face changed, and it was the first time there was a change appearing on his face. The Fiery Emperor Palace, a mysterious presence, was much more powerful than the four great families in Tianjing City.

Yangzi Blood could ignore Nishang Luo's identity, but had to care about Xianzhi Qin's. The Fiery Emperor Palace was so mysterious that he was afraid of being hunted down if he killed the young mistress of Fiery Emperor Palace. As was known, the sect master of Fiery Emperor Palace was one of the 81 orthodox grandmasters, also among the top super-grandmasters. At this moment, Yangzi Blood, one of the 81 devils, hesitated as well, as he was considering whether he should kill Xianzhi Qin or not.

"Senior Yangzi Blood, here is the tomb of the Elixir King Yun Xiao, and there are notes on the Alchemy Arts of the Elixir King and Water Moon Sword Technique here. You must kill Xianzhi Qin and all the others, or otherwise you'll be hunted down once the information is leaked." Cold Blood said suddenly. It was unexpected that he called Yangzi Blood Senior.

When hearing the voice, Yangzi Blood turned to look. A hint of surprise appeared in his eyes, and he said, "Cold Blood, it's you! Why are you here?"

"Senior Yangzi Blood, it's my father who told me to come." Cold Blood replied in a respectful manner.

Cold Blood was from the Crimson Blood Sect while Yangzi Blood was from the Vampire Sect. Since both Crimson Blood Sect and Vampire Sect were regarded as unorthodox forces, Cold Blood had met Yangzi Blood before, and the relationship between the two sects was not bad.

"Cold Blood, is what you said true? Is there really the Alchemy Arts of the Elixir King by Elixir King Yun Xiao here?" Yangzi Blood asked, with his breathing becoming faster.

As for Elixir King Yun Xiao, Yangzi Blood had also heard about him before. He was the Elixir King in Huaxia fifty years ago, whose alchemy arts was the best all over the world, and his wife, Water Moon, was a grandmaster and great grandmaster of trap skills as well.

Whether it was the orthodox or the unorthodox, they all ran after elixirs because elixirs could boost their strength and alchemy arts could refine elixirs. Now that the Elixir King's Alchemy Arts of the Elixir King was just in front of him, Yangzi Blood's interest had surely been piqued.

"Senior, just kill all the people here, and you can get the Alchemy Arts of the Elixir King. As long as you can refine the grandmaster elixir and take it, you will become a grandmaster, fearing no one." Cold Blood tempted him by his side.

Cold Blood had his own plan as well. Among so many people, he was the only unorthodox sect member, and the others were orthodox. Therefore he and most people here remained enemies. In addition, Cold Blood was now debilitated due to the Higher Heaven Pills whereas Qingfeng Li was fine. He was afraid of being killed by Qingfeng Li, so he encouraged Yangzi Blood to kill Qingfeng Li and the orthodox forces here. It had to be said that Cold Blood's thought pattern was extremely malicious, which directly put Qingfeng Li to death.

"Hahaha, the Alchemy Arts of the Elixir King is mine. To protect the secret, you all have to die, except Cold Blood." Yangzi Blood laughed heartily, with murderous intent filling his eyes.

"The young mistress of the Fiery Emperor Palace, let me enjoy you first." Yangzi Blood smiled bloodthirstily, walking to Xianzhi Qin, with evil intent in eyes. He wanted to defile Xianzhi Qin first and then drain her blood.

At the sight of his evil face, Xianzhi Qin's face changed greatly and her enchanting face paled, as she never expected that Yangzi Blood could be so malicious. He planned to kill all the people just to get the Alchemy Arts of Elixir King, and unfortunately, she was the first he wanted to kill.

"Well, it seemed I should do something now." Qingfeng Li sighed and decided to take action when he saw Yangzi Blood walking toward Xianzhi Qin. He had no choice as Xianzhi Qin was also a friend of Qingfeng Li, and so it was impossible for him to watch her being killed by Yangzi Blood.

Qingfeng Li was loyal to his friends, even if Yangzi Blood was half grandmaster and one of the unorthodox 81 devils, he still wanted to start a fight. A man knew what to do and what not to do. When it came to a friend, taking actions was necessary.

Whoosh! Qingfeng Li took a move, like a gust of whirlwind, instantly approaching to Xianzhi Qin and hiding her behind him.

"Young man, who're you to stop me?" Yangzi Blood's face darkened, and there was a cold light flickering in his eyes.

"I'm Qingfeng Li, the Wolf King of the Wolf Continent. Do me a favor, and don't kill this beauty." Qingfeng Li said with a faint smile.

It was Qingfeng Li's common practice to try talking before resorting to force (TL: wait what? Since when). If the opponent failed to listen to his advice, then he would have no alternative but to fight.