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Chapter 96, Visceral Blood Pool

“Huh?” Lin Hai waited for a long time, but did not respond.

When I opened my eyes, I was overjoyed.

I saw a face that was so gorgeous that I was staring at myself.

Who else is not chu lin’er?

“Why are you here? And why did you put it on again? ” Lin Hai looked at Chu lin’er in a black and impermanent dress and said.

“Well, you think I’d like to come.” Chu lin’er shakes the iron chain in his hand. Hu Wei, the fierce ghost at the end of the chain, screams.

“Hum, I wonder, where are you, where are the fierce ghosts? You are such a sweeper! I am playing Gobang at a critical moment. She is about to win, but she is forced by her father to do this job. She is so tired. “

“Er…” Lin Hai’s face is black. You, it’s none of my business whether the devil comes out or not.

“Well, Princess lin’er, we have to deal with the business. We can’t lose our mind.” Lin Hai thinks it’s necessary to save the addicted youth.

“Lin Hai, are you ok?” See Lin Hai just suddenly standing in place, breathing difficulties, seems to be very painful appearance, Liu Xinyue rushed to come over.

“It’s OK, Xinyue. Don’t worry. Who in the world can do anything to get my brother?” Lin Hai holds Liu Xinyue in her arms.

Chu lin’s mouth turned.

“Well, I’ll brag.”

“Police, don’t move, hands up!” At this time, a group of police broke in and rushed in.

Lin Hai’s eyes turn white. NIMA, when you come, the cauliflower will be cold.

“Lin Hai, are you ok? Director Peng has brought his own person here.” Xu Tian sees Lin Hai and rushes to ask about it.

“Huh? Who is she? ” Seeing Lin Hai holding Liu Xinyue in his arms, I don’t know why. Xu Tian suddenly feels uncomfortable.

It seems that due to the innate vigilance between women, Liu Xinyue suddenly leans her head on Lin Hai’s shoulder before waiting for Lin Hai to speak.

“Hello, I’m Lin Hai’s girlfriend. Lin Hai is very good. Thank you for your concern for my boyfriend.”

“Is that right? I haven’t heard of Lin Hai. He has a girlfriend. ” Xu Tian eyebrows a jump, tit for tat way.

“Lin Hai is like this. He doesn’t talk about our affairs with outsiders.” Liu Xinyue did not give in.

Shit, what’s up?

How does Lin hai feel? Suddenly there is a smell of fire medicine?

“Mr. Lin, we know everything here. These people are too cruel and hateful. We must punish them severely according to law!” Peng Tao also came over and said.

Lin Hai rolled his eyes.

“Director Peng is on time. We have solved the enemy. You are here. It’s almost a minute. The quality of the people’s police is high.”

“… As soon as we got Xu Tian’s phone call, we rushed over. ” Peng Tao’s face turned red when he heard the sarcasm in Lin Hai’s word

“Well, it doesn’t matter. I don’t have much hope for your police anyway.” Lin Hai waved.

“Hello, how can you talk to our director? Believe it or not, I’ll catch you!” A sharp tongued policeman came forward and shouted.

Lin Hai lost his smile and looked at him up and down.

“What are you doing? This is to flatter your director? I don’t care if you flatter me, but don’t step on my brother’s shoulder! Do you know? It’s easy to get a picture of a horse’s leg! “

“You pay attention to me, how to talk to the police, I doubt you…”

“Shut up!” Peng Tao glared at the policeman.

“Director, he…”

“I let you shut up!” Cried Peng Tao.

Originally let Lin Hai sarcasm, Peng Tao is enough to be depressed. The short-sighted policeman jumped out again to look for excitement. Peng Tao immediately became angry.

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“Yes, yes.” The police shrunk their necks and dared not

Lin hai said, “look, what did I say? Are you really slapping the horse on the leg? “

Peng Tao frowned.

“Mr. Lin, we have surrounded this place. The people who were previously locked up have been rescued. Now we are going to block this place. Please leave.”

“Good.” Lin Hai didn’t want to stay in this ghost place for a long time. He promised to take Liu Xinyue and her sisters to leave.

“Chief, there’s an underpass!” Suddenly, a policeman shouted.

“Huh?” Peng Tao walked over and looked down. There was only one passage for one person, and there was a light in it.

“Xu Tian stays and leaves with the rescuers. Others, follow me.” Peng Tao took out his pistol and walked carefully.

“Huh?” Chu lin’er suddenly looked at the ground passage, his face thoughtful.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Hai is stunned.

“I’ll go and have a look.” Chu lin’er suddenly put the iron chain under the ground and floated into the underpass.

“Xinyue, you take Xinqing and Xu Tian to go first. I’ll follow you.” Lin Hai knows Chu lin’er’s identity. Seeing Chu lin’er running down suddenly, he suddenly feels that this passage is unusual, and his curiosity also comes up.

“Then, be careful yourself.”

Lin Hai promised to go down with the police.

What’s the situation?

Not far away, I saw this group of police, line by line, cat waist, big mouth vomiting, that is called a neat.

Lin Hai walked up to him, only glanced at him, and then he vomited.

Just in front of me, in a big pool with a radius of four or five meters, after soaking human internal organs, the thick blood and water were thick together, sending out a disgusting smell.

Is it too horrible for him, even if hell is just like this?


Suddenly, there was a sound in the pool, and a figure came out of the pool, with his back to Lin Hai and others.

“Those people have been slaughtered before. Why hasn’t the viscera been transported? Don’t you know that today is the most critical moment? “

The voice of the figure is so cruel that it can’t hear men and women.

“Huh?” It seems that something is wrong. The figure suddenly looks back.

“The police?” The figure was startled and leaped out of the pool, bringing out the five internal organs of the ground.

“Nonsense? How are you! ” When Peng Tao recognized the man, he was shocked and couldn’t believe the facts.

“Ha ha ha, director Peng, I didn’t expect to see you here, but since I’m here, don’t leave. I just lack some internal organs, so I’ll take your supplement.”

“Hu lai, what’s going on? You are a famous entrepreneur in Jiangnan City. If you want money and position, why do you… ” Peng Tao’s face was full of pain.

“Money? Status? ” Hu Lai sneered, “those common people’s pursuit of things, not long ago may still have some attraction to me, but since I stepped into the fairyland, how can I get my eyes again?”

“Fairy?” Peng Tao smiled bitterly, pointed to the disgusting internal blood pool and said, “Where is the fairy road? It’s devil way!”

“Enough!” Hu lai suddenly changed his face and said coldly, “time is running out. I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you. Today, you will all stay and witness the great success of my fairyland.”

As soon as the voice fell, there was a strong overcast wind. The people who blew couldn’t even open their eyes.

When Lin Hai saw this, he quickly opened the magic of heaven’s eyes. When he saw the scene in front of him, he suddenly lost his color!