My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss
256 Of Course I Love My Husband
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My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss
Author :A Fox's Red Dress
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256 Of Course I Love My Husband

"Huh?" Chu Wuyou darted her eyes toward Fifth Young Master Shen in surprise. What was wrong with him today? How could he pose such a question at this time?

He was probably the person who knew most about the marriage between her and Ye Lanchen. He should have the sense to tailor his words to the occasion?

Fifth Young Master Shen behaved very strangely. She could not help but suspect he had discovered something.

Well, to be more precise, she wondered if all of them had discovered something about her background?

Chu Wuyou was testing Fifth Young Master Shen earlier to see if that was the reason. She would have gotten an answer if Ye Lanchen did not approach them out of the blue.

Naturally, she could not raise her doubts explicitly.

A hint of brilliance flashed across Ye Lanchen's eyes. His eyes were filled with a strange emotion when he turned to regard the woman again.

What would she reply to Shen Ting's straightforward question?

"What do mean by 'huh?' Third Elder Sister-in-law, don't you love Third Elder Brother?" Fifth Young Master Shen feigned surprise to create more tension in the air. Naturally, he would not leave it unsettled since he had already blurted out the question.

He noticed the Third Elder Brother impatient to hear her response.

Xi Ji did not comment further this time. Instead, he whistled loudly to express his eagerness.

Chu Wuyou only remained silent as a tactful smile washed over her face. How could she respond to a question like this?

This was why she resorted to silence.

Ye Lanchen's face fell again when the woman refused to comment and kept dodging the pressing inquiries. He wrapped his arm around her waist even tighter this time.

"Third Elder Sister-in-law, what's that smile trying to convey? Do you love Third Elder Brother or not?" Fifth Young Master Shen pressured the woman again, evidently reluctant of letting her off the hook easily. He was determined to get an answer out of her today.

"Of course I love my husband." Being left with no alternative, Chu Wuyou forced those words out of her lips. They were husband and wife, after all. She had to consider Ye Lanchen's face since they were in the company of his friends.

Besides, she felt the man gripping her waist tighter as each second passed. Perhaps he would strangle her if she did not give him a satisfying answer.

Her reply caught Ye Lanchen by surprise and his tense expression relaxed visibly. A faint smile crossed his face and faded quickly.

Fifth Young Master Shen regarded the man in disbelief. Did Third Elder Brother really believe what she said? It was evident that her words lacked sincerity. 

Did, the normally brilliant, Third Elder Brother take her words to heart?!

Where had the man's brilliant mind gone?

Big Boss Tang failed to suppress a laugh.

It appeared that Ye Lanchen had invested real feelings this time. 

However, it made the situation more interesting since she obviously did not care about the man at all. 

Tang Ling discovered a minor problem – Chu Wuyou was slow-witted when it came to dealing with romantic relationships.

"I don't think so. Third Elder Sister-in-law, you didn't seem concerned when the pretty lady tried to seduce Third Elder Brother earlier." Fifth Young Master Shen teased.

He figured he had to seize this rare opportunity to make fun of them both.

Fifth Young Master Shen seemed to have forgotten that what goes around comes around.


Chu Wuyou shifted her attention to Fifth Young Master Shen again. Was this man trying to make matters worse for her?


Then he could not blame her for the things that were going to happen next. 

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