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A normal morning as it was supposed to be.

Unfortunately, the foreshadows had gone unnoticed and Mark who just wanted to pay his electricity bill which was already by its due date was caught unprepared.

Fortunately, or unfortunate for most people, the world started to plunge into chaos as zombies, infected, mutants, undead, messengers of hell, bringer of judgement, or whatever...
《Mutagen》 Volume 1
1 Prelude to Apocalypse
2 Zombies?
3 The Third Floor
4 The Neck to Neck Encounters
5 Panic and Confusion
6 The Survivors from the West Wing
7 The Shot He Wanted to Make
8 The First Time He Cursed Out Loud
9 A Problem that Arose because of Something that Closed Down
10 To the South Wing
11 Dealing with Zombies Chasing Behind
12 Taking a Short Break
13 The Situation Behind the Cinema Doors
14 The Tainted Masterpiece
15 Her Life, Her Experience and Her Hate
16 Her Suffering, Her Resentment and the Words She Wanted to Hear
17 Why He Let Them Go
18 Battle Ready
19 The Back Corridor Encounter
20 Slipping Competition
21 On the Mall Rooftop
22 Idle Talk and Introductions
23 Self-Induced Adrenaline Rush
24 Mark's Conjecture and the Fate of the Survivors Inside the TechZone
25 Mark's Standpoin
26 Their Next Move
27 Can I Call You...
28 Preparations Done!
29 Luring the Zombies Ou
30 Mark's Notes
31 The West Wing Corridors
32 Corridor Cleaning
33 General Miguel Perez
34 Cheer Up
35 Blunder
36 Dealing with the Predicamen
37 After the Battle
38 Change of Clothes
39 The Origin
40 Information, Relief and Rescue Departmen
41 Blame Game
42 Makeshift Crossbows
43 Mark
44 Birds of the Same Feather
45 Empath
46 Sudden Situation
47 Emergency
48 Embarking onto the Mission
49 Stealth Chatting
50 Arriving at the Destination
51 The Girl Stained with Blood
52 Choked After Returning
53 Venting Anger
54 Mark's Plans
55 The Plan for the Arrival of Angeline's Brother
56 Operation Early New Year
57 The Strange Event in the Basement Parking
58 The Bone Armored Mutan
59 More Problems!
60 Just What is Going on here?
61 A Mutant Servan
62 Mutagen
63 Six Years Ago
64 A Mysterious Sigh
65 Waking Up
66 Failed Negotiations
67 Strange Infected
68 Finding a Vehicle like a Pie Falling from the Sky
69 The Last Day in the Mall
70 The Night Before and the Departure
《Mutagen》 Volume 2
72 The Situation Around the Country
73 The Situation Around the World
74 Traveling to the First Stop
75 Found Her
76 Starting the Plan
77 The Woodmen
78 Extortion Attemp
79 Getting Information
80 On the City Hall Rooftop
81 Change of Plans
82 Charging towards the Police Command Center
83 Wiping Out the Escaped Criminals
84 Rescuing the Survivors in the City Health Center
85 A Sudden Situation on the Rooftop
86 Against the Level 2-Mutation Woodman
87 Abbygale
88 The Rampage of the Mutated Tree
89 Conclusion of the Battle for the Golden Frui
90 An Insidious Plan
91 The Green Haired Girl and the Mysterious Tree
92 A Short Break
93 Commercial Center
94 Unconventional Use of the Dozer
95 The Splitting of the... Large Horde
96 The Consequences of Complacency in the Apocalypse
97 With the Horde Blocking the Way Back
98 Engulfing Everything in Flames
99 Citta Italia
100 The First Encounter with Three Meter Tall Dog
101 Subduing the Mutator Dog
102 Several Events behind the Scenes
103 Waking up in the Middle of the Nigh
104 Spending the Rest of the Nigh
105 Firenze's Crisis
106 Emotion Induction
107 Collecting the Spoils and the Reason for Mark's Odd Behavior
108 Eating the Gang Leader
109 Gathering at the Gates
110 Reunion with a Friend
111 The Mystery behind the Golden Frui
112 The Unknown
113 Joseph's Awakening
114 Before Leaving Firenze
115 The Road to Carlo's House
116 Different Fates
117 The Evacuation Settlement Area
118 To Their New Dwelling
119 A Dilemma
120 What He Encountered Six Years Ago
121 Making His Way to His Lonely Home
《Mutagen》 Volume 0
-3 Exallion's Author Note
-2 The Infected
-1 Characters
《Mutagen》 Volume 3
122 The Odd Infected Around His Home
123 Fleeing on the Roofs
124 Escape from Lakeville
125 The First Sign of the Wave and the Strange Crystals
126 Rollan's Home
127 The Couple's Reunion
128 The Chains of Fate