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Morning, the Heir

Author:Moon 月儿

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UpdateTime:2/21/2020 1:35:45 PM

Updates:Chapter 106: Refuse to Save Her

A handsome man was hit and lost his memory for dangerous driving and saved by Lin Xiaomi. Since the day, the man just hung on in her house and refused to clear out. Also, from that day on, the only goal of Lin Xiaomi was to dislodge him!

The first person that Leng Yihuang saw after losing memory was Lin Xiaomi, who was a full-breasted beauty simple like an innocent child. She fascinated ...
《Morning, the Heir》 Text
Chapter 1: Take Off Your Clothes
Chapter 2: I Have No Interest In Your Flat Body
Chapter 3: Beautiful Face, Big Breasts, And Low Iq
Chapter 4: You Haven't Taken My Pants Off Ye
Chapter 5: Where Are You Touching?
Chapter 6: No Violent Exercise
Chapter 7: Staying Firmly With Her
Chapter 8: Pretend To Be Poor And Be Allowed To Live Together
Chapter 9: The Handsome Man Just Finished The Shower
Chapter 10: The First Night Of The Cohabitation
Chapter 11: He Seduced Her!
Chapter 12: Red Underpants
Chapter 13: Seeing Her Naked Body
Chapter 14: Did Her Breasts Look Like Kumquats?
Chapter 15: Frisking Him Late At Nigh
Chapter 16: She Climbed Onto His Bed
Chapter 17: Turning Into A Seducer
Chapter 18: He Decided To Continuously Badger Her
Chapter 19: We Three Live Together
Chapter 20: I Am A Scoundrel? You're A Lecher!
Chapter 21: Her First Kiss
Chapter 22: How Soft She Was
Chapter 23: What Are You Afraid Of?
Chapter 24: Let Me Go
Chapter 25: Apathetic Kinship
Chapter 26: Entering His Blanke
Chapter 27: Getting You Undressed
Chapter 28: How Dare He Spank Her
Chapter 29: Stop Crying, Will You?
Chapter 30: Couldn't Help Coaxing Her
Chapter 31: The Man She Had Unrequited Love for
Chapter 32: Getting Out Of My House
Chapter 33: Will You Wipe For My Whole Body?
Chapter 34: I Can't Wait Any Longer
Chapter 35: Are You Here to Hook Up?
Chapter 36: I Come Back To Marry You
Chapter 37: Xiaomi, Happy Birthday
Chapter 38: You Are Mine
Chapter 39: Woman, Don't Put Yourself Into Trouble
Chapter 40: How Gentle He Was
Chapter 41: Let's Sleep Together
Chapter 42: Who The Hell Are You?
Chapter 43: He Has a Special Feeling for Her
Chapter 44: He Wants to Take Advantage of Her Again
Chapter 45: An Idiot!
Chapter 46: You Have Feelings for My Kisses
Chapter 47: A Bad Kisser
Chapter 48: Why Do You Always Blush?
Chapter 49: Xue Haolin, Are You Back?
Chapter 50: Who Slapped You?
Chapter 51: Do You Still Want to Meet Him?
Chapter 52: Blood and Sadness
Chapter 53: Don’t Let Me See You Again
Chapter 54: Couldn’t Kiss Her Again
Chapter 55: Who Was the Mistress
Chapter 56: Refusal to See Her
Chapter 57: Being My Maid of Honor
Chapter 58: Kissing Me
Chapter 59: Her Heartbeats Were Skyrocketing
Chapter 60: The Man Who Gave Her Fast Heartbeats
Chapter 61: Mr. Xue, Your Name Long Precedes You
Chapter 62: Acting Intimately as If Nobody Was Around
Chapter 63: Single Man and Single Woman
Chapter 64: Are You Female or Not?
Chapter 65: He Is Playing You
Chapter 66: Considering Her a Marriage Tool
Chapter 67: Our Xiaomi Is More and More Beautiful
Chapter 68: The Second Master of the Tang Family
Chapter 69: His Heartbeats Got Accelerated
Chapter 70: Leng Yihuang Turned Insanely Jealous
Chapter 71: I Won’t Let You Marry Anyone Else
Chapter 72: You Like Me
Chapter 73: Master Leng!
Chapter 74: Finish Him Off
Chapter 75: I’ll Tell You If You Kiss me
Chapter 76: True Love
Chapter 77: Get Jealous Again
Chapter 78: Eat Food or Eat You?
Chapter 79: Obsessed
Chapter 80: The Die is Cast!
Chapter 81: Nothing Is More Lamentable Than a Dead Hear
Chapter 82: Did I Hurt You?
Chapter 83: Do you Feel Comfortable?
Chapter 84: There Is No Man Named Lin Hai
Chapter 85: Taking a Bath Together
Chapter 86: I Want To Eat You
Chapter 87: Yes, It’s All My Faul
Chapter 88: Become the Butt of a Joke
Chapter 89: Humiliation
Chapter 90: Get the Hell out of the Lin Family
Chapter 91: Men and Women Have Different Appetites
Chapter 92: Honey, Be Gentle!
Chapter 93: Mrs. Xue Arrived
Chapter 94: Premarital Health Check-up
Chapter 95: Kisses Won’t Make You Pregnan
Chapter 96: Don’t You Dare to Threaten Me Again!
Chapter 97: Is Mrs. Xue Angry?
Chapter 98: Let’s Split Up!
Chapter 99: Baby, You Are Provoking Me
Chapter 100: It’s too Late to Beg for Mercy!
Chapter 101: Afraid of You Having an Affair
Chapter 102: I Just Like My Dear Sweetheart!
Chapter 103: Who Dares to Steal My Wife!
Chapter 104: A Red Bean Ice Pop
Chapter 105: Rescue
Chapter 106: Refuse to Save Her