Morna : goddess of death
143 Final end
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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143 Final end

When Rupert came home he found Libbie locked inside the washroom. It was her usual nature but this time he heard screams coming inside it. He had never seen Libbie losing her cool, she was a poised and sophisticated woman for him never a shrew like what he is hearing now. He knocked, despite his anger she was his wife and he still had a care for her. When she didn't reply after few tries. He called the servant and broke the door. Servants and Rupert lost the colour on their faces as they saw horrid condition Libbie was in her face scratched, bloody, with pus filled pustules.

Rupert cringed seeing her, taking a deep breath he draped a towel on her and brought her to bed. Lizzie came to check her mom and she screamed seeing her and ran from the door screaming. Libbie was sobbing, just than Rupert's secretary ran inside and switched on the TV despite seeing the mistress condition he was in too much anxiety to care for anything. Rupert wanted to scold but he froze it was his news about selling weapons illegally to terrorist and militant organisation. Rupert became dizzy. He always thought someone was watching there moves but never to this extent as he was very secretive about it. Today he lost everything, what could be worst than this.

While he was sweating, darkness engulfed the house, Many shadows entered the mansion and in few minutes no one remained in the house. All members were brought to an abandoned factory where there worst nightmare awaited them. Lucifer walked inside the building his steps quiet and lethal. He was wearing trench coat and boots with leather gloves in both his hands. There was a sharp aura surrounding him. Rupert shouted " who are you and what have we done to deserve this".

Lucifer laughed " isn't it worst not knowing what you did to deserve this". Laughing like a maniac he opened the drawer and pulled out three injection. And efficiently he injected all three of them. Lizzie screamed what have you given me, Libbie was incoherent and Rupert scared like shit couldn't speak let alone scream. Lucifer smiled " this is hell liquid specially brought from hell, this will rot your body slowly and when you will think you are dying your body will regenerate your muscle and bone which is very painful and again the rotting will start. It is unending and you have 20 years to enjoy it".

Screams continued to rang inside the factory, as there torture continued with his minions, who pulled there nails, peeled their skins and pulled there tongue out with one ear and lips cut. Lucifer looked at the sky " Darling, your work in this world is over, they will suffer all coming twenty years and will be killed by your hands when we will meet again. He reached home and slowly entered his children's room and hugged them and kissed them. He felt there war was over and now its there children's turn to finish this. They will remain with them supporting them but now everything will be up to them.

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