Morna : goddess of death
142 Morbus Edited
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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142 Morbus Edited

@@" Morbus, how are you these days". Some reply came from other side. Lucifer laughed, which was pretty rare, specially these days. Lucifer continued " I have a perfect thing for you, oh you will love this. There is a woman for whom I give you free will. Make it dreadful, ok". Lucifer hung up. Tanner standing near by was confused. He knew Lucifer had some naughty and dangerous connection here in mortal realm. As per his knowledge Morbus was god of disease and a notorious characters at that. He never knew they were good friend.

When Libbie reached home she collapsed in her bathroom. She stood inside the shower with her clothes on. Images of those mocking face and rage in her husband's face made shiver run down her body. She was thankful a handsome young man came to her rescue and dropped her home, he even gave her water to control her sobbing.

While she was standing inside the shower she saw large clump of hair on the drain. She placed her hand on her hair and she felt lot's of hairs fall down in masses. She screamed, than she realised her face was itchy. She looked at the mirror and screamed half of her hairs were gone and her face was full of warts. Her scream rang in the bathroom, while a young man who gave her the lift held the same water bottle but now it's colour was muddy, his skin extra shining heard her scream, he messaged Lucifer " work done".

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