Morna : goddess of death
141 Garner sympathy
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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141 Garner sympathy

It was mere one hour when press conference was called outside the Capital city hospital. In front of many cameras stood Libbie Patrick. Her eyes swelled up and face haggard. She was crying millions of tears and cameras were enjoying this like a drunker in front of bottle of 50 years old scotch. Libbie cried " my daughter has never betrayed Mischell, that day she was raped by an unknown man and in her daze she thought that man was Mischell and as for that make up artist, Patrick family apologize to her soul and family but this is her medical report showing she was suffering from delusion and hallucinations. She killed herself because she couldn't see how close Mischell was with my daughter".

While sobbing she continued "My daughter was never like that. She is an honest and loyal person, who is dedicated to her relations. Her elder stepsister died few years back and till this date she cleans her grave once a month".

A picture was shown in the screen where Lizzie was cleaning her sister's grave.

There was a gasp as people felt pity for Lizzie.

Lucifer could see sobbing mess that was Mrs Patrick, his eyes hard and angry. Melinoe was sitting near him watching everything while he fed Callum warm milk. He had already told her everything about what happened to Morna.

He looked at Melinoe " what do you think we should do now sweety ". Melinoe looked at the screen her heart hardened at the woman who apparently once killed her mother.

Since the day she was born she was treated like a trash. Than one day she met Morna, who brought her out of that ship. She never knew why but she remembered every single thing that happened in that cruise, her stomach sometimes cramped thinking all those moments. Than she was brought to underworld where she got to meet new people from Gramp, Grampy ,Morna and Overlord. They were not always with her but she always felt that she was alive all because of them.

She owed them everything. She calmly looked at Lucifer " I think they should suffer more because they used Mom's name to garner sympathy they should have never done that". Lucifer smiled feeling proud. This was how he wanted to raise his daughter proud, brave and ready to be cruel if needed. May be Morna knew what she was capable of that's why she brought her to their world. He looked at screen his face malicious as he made a call.

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