Morna : goddess of death
140 Mission part one
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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140 Mission part one

Lizzie was humming as she sat in front of mirror. She looked at Mischell who was busy on his mobile, these days she felt there was some Gap between them, she moved near him and caressed her arm " sweety, are you tired let me help you relieve some stress". Mischell curled his lips in disgust he wanted to bleach his body from this toxic woman. But he got message this morning that made him relaxed after long time.

He removed ring box from his pocket that he asked his assistant to pick and threw it casually on the bed and said " marry me". Lizzie was shocked, she picked the box her hands trembling in her nervousness she didn't realise that the way Mischell proposed was quiet wrong but at this point she was obsessed with wanting to marry him, her eyes only saw the ring box. She opened the ring and gasped it was princess cut diamond which was so pretty. Mischell looked at the ring and cursed his assistant he disliked spending a single penny on this woman and his assistant chose costly ring with T store.

He will cut his salary to compensate for his loss. He noticed that his assistant was spending time with this woman. He thought it was time for new assistant. Lizzie moved to kiss him but he stood up and moved outside the room" I have a call to take " and left the room to escape this toxic woman. Outside he opened a bottle of scotch opened his wallet and there he saw the photo of the woman he truly loved but because of his stupidity and that bitch she lost her life.

He messaged Adrianna " I have proposed, you make the arrangements". She replied a simple " ok " ,. letting him know that everything was planned carefully and this time Lizzie Patrick will suffer. The whole week passed swiftly, Mischell spent whole week outdoor to avoid her and her obnoxious voice was enough to cause nausea. Finally the day came of the wedding. Lizzie with his mother dressed up in a costly gown as she glowed in happiness. Finally wedding March started and holding Rupert's hand she started moving but once she entered she saw there was no one at the end of aisle, no groom or groomsman.

She was confused as Andrea stood at the center of stage holding a mic. Lizzie first in confusion than in anger moved forward" where is he ". Adrianna smiled " he didn't want to waste his time for attending inconsequential matters. So, I am here in his stead to give his message " Lizzie Patrick I break up with you right here and now. If you ask me a reason I will just say, you are a toxic bitch and if it is not enough look at the screen".

On the screen first clip was of the hotel room where she spent night with the foreigner and him leaving after two hours and medical report about her being pregnant at exact same date that matched the day of the incidence". Lizzie gasped and looked at her father for help. Rupert growled " how dare a small time actor destroy my daughter's name and Mischief Entertainment is supporting him, I will ruin you all". Adrianna smiled " we are happy to wait but please let me finish my presentation my office boys spent many hours for it to reach a perfection ".

Next picture was a couple photo that was same as Mischell held in his hands. Andrea continued " the woman in picture was Mary whom Mischell loved with all his heart. At that time Mr Mischell and Miss Elizabeth ( Lizzie's full name ) were coupled in many shows and she was her make up artist at that time, in her anger and jealousy she tortured the poor girl once she knew they loved each other ,she even ruined her face because of it and in her anguish the poor girl committed suicide this was the suicide letter that was never revealed". There was another gasp when they read the letter it read she committed suicide because of Lizzie and her daily torture. when Lizzie saw this she screamed and jumped to attack Adriana but Tanner jumped in between and held her in place.

Rupert cursed but there was nothing he could do many reporters stood there capturing the event live and there was an uproar in audience. Rupert held Lizzie and with the help of his wife they brought her to their home all the while cursing Mischell. Adriana cleared her throat " Mr Patrick if you can please return the ring that your daughter is wearing it is too costly and she she didn't deserve it". Mischell's assistant stood there he gulped nervously as Adrianna looked at him, she merely said " you are fired" and moved out of the venue. Adrianna smiled first part of mission was successful.

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