Morna : goddess of death
139 Pawns in place
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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139 Pawns in place

Lucifer sat on his chair while Tanner and Andrea stood at front to give him recent update. Lucifer merely uttered the names and Andrea answered and sometimes Tanner pitched in. First on the list was " Lizzie Patrick". Andrea answered " she is madly in love with Mischell and apparently pregnant but according to Mitchell he never slept with her. We checked the CCTV, we found that she mistook a foreigner with Mischell and spent a night with him. He left her in midnight because she was drunk she believed he was Mischell and we created a misunderstanding to make her believe that the person she slept was him".

Lucifer asked " her career". Andrea replied " we already made her give up Nirvana and she is under our banner and all the upcoming failed projects are under her name and public opinion for her dropped drastically, her only saving grace is Mischell who is high on career list and won best actor for four consecutive years now her only identity is his girlfriend". Lucifer grinned " my wife chose her plan well, arrange her marriage with Mischell this week itself I don't want to waste my time". Andrea smirked and nodded to show her acceptance of plan.

Tanner was confused but didn't dare to ask Lucifer because these days he was afraid of Lucifer and many became his target in mere one hour, five were still packing there stuff, among them three were women as they wore low cut tops and worst of all tried to flaunt on his face by tripping near him expecting him to catch them or bend down in worst possible way even Tanner himself blushed despite being alive for many years.

Andrea understood and whispered quietly to him near his ears their upcoming plan. Lucifer ignored those two but he already missed his wife and was in no mood to see those love birds he let his chilling aura cover those two letting them know that there closeness was dog food for him. Lucifer continued " Libbie Patrick". Andrea cleared her throt blushing she continued " she is already addicted in our casino and her debt is much more than she could handle and her husband is still unknown about that fact and we already have her pictures with bartender in hotel room. They will be released soon after her daughter's surprise".

Lucifer laughed which was very eerie if you ask the people present " Rupert Patrick". This time Tanner spoke " we already have all the proof about his supply of illegal weapons to militants and as soon as you give order all information will be leaked". Lucifer grinned " leave it for last and prepare a torture chamber for me these twenty years will be boring they will be my toys to pass my time". They all accepted there orders and left him alone while he played with his son, they could not believe few seconds ago he was planning to torture people in coming 20 years. Goosebumps rose on there arms . Living in mortal world for so long they forgot the gruesome side of Overlord.

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