Morna : goddess of death
138 Buzz of gossip
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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138 Buzz of gossip

Previous revision of character

Overlord - Chairman Lucifer ( Mischief entertainment) in Mortal world Lucifer will be used not Overlord.

Andrea - Interim CEO / chief Secretary at Mischief

Tanner - Chief Bodyguard

Leo \u0026 Big - Bodyguard

Aurora Luca : Morna's name in mortal world

Mischell - Mischief model, Morna used him to trap Lizzie

Libbie Patrick - Morna's stepmom

Lizzie Patrick - stepsister

Rupert Patrick - Father

General Eldwin / General secretary Eldwin - Gramp of Morna

Nirvana - Ex competitor of Mischief previously ruled by Indra now near bankruptcy

Lucifer first settled at Mischief Penthouse with Melinoe and Callum. Who cried to extreme because he missed his mother and her warmth. Lucifer took a long time to appease him. He hugged Callum tightly in his arms and sang a lullaby for him looking outside the window. He too missed Morna a lot. All this time Melinoe tried to assist him as much as she could but she is still a child and could only caress his soft fuzzy head to give him a feeling of love.

Andrea, Tanner, big and Leo stayed in Mortal world to handle the affairs of Mischief. Andrea like an efficient assistant took care of Callum by helping Overlord in small task from heating milk to changing diapers. After first three days Lucifer was pale, aghast and tired with huge bags under his eyes. Despite all the help, he wanted to do everything for Callum by himself. Andrea pitied him but she could only help in small task what the child needed the most was his mother and sister. After three days slowly Callum started to get comfortable with Lucifer. Which helped him to decide to go back to Mischief and finish the unfinished business of his wife.

On fourth day Lucifer returned to Mischief and this time all members of the industry stood there in welcome including many actors and stars. there were many rumours of recluse Chairman who came for few moments than disappeared for last five years. They have heard many things about him and there was nervousness about what to come in future. Because no one knew anything about him just his title and power.

Andrea held baby Callum in her arms and there was a huge gasp in the entire staff. They didn't know that he was married let alone having a child and biggest question was where was the mother. They heard that previous CEO Ms Aurora had a thing with Chairman but there was no confirmation. Suddenly she disappeared and stopped coming to the company even though her cabin remained untouched and all the decision was taken by Andrea and Tanner but no one was allowed to enter Aurora's room and only cleaning staff entered inside that to once a week.

First they doubted Andrea about being the child's mother but they worked alongside her and there was no signs of pregnancy ever because of this they removed Andrea from the list and only Ms Aurora remained but noone knew where she was. Mystery continued for the staff as Lucifer brought huge buzz of gossip with Callum.

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