Morna : goddess of death
137 Samaya Brewster
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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137 Samaya Brewster

@@After coming back to the his mansion Roul ran to the hidden door he built 8 month back. That day he received three bad news which affected his life completely. That day he found out Leith was mentally unstable and his fear for rebirth of holy goddess made him mad, he felt fear because this was the ruler he chose and made him the supreme god and slowly he understood that was his biggest mistake.

Second news was his only son lost his life in a battle and last news was his daughter in law was pregnant it would have been the best news for him specially when his only son died but he knew what would be the next order of Leith. So, for last 8 months he hid his daughter in law awaiting for the day he would held the child of his only son.

When Roul went inside he saw his daughter in law was in pain and he arranged with his most trusted people to help her in labour and after excruciating hours his grand daughter came into this world. As soon as he held her he cried from happiness and fear because he was afraid Leith would soon learn of this. He called his sister Gaia who came and took the child as previously decided. She brought the child to mortal world and left her on the doorstep of the couple they selected that would keep her safe. Now they can't involve themselves for her future as per the rule. She was also given a similar pill to hide her divinity.

A couple opened the door to their mansion and found this bundle on their doorstep. That couple was Mr and Mrs Brewster and they welcomed her with open arms, giving her name Samaya Brewster. It was unknown to her that her fate will be linked with Callum and there fate has just started and much more was to come.

A/N : actually I know what to come..but I don't kiss and tell...😉

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