Morna : goddess of death
136 Farewell
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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136 Farewell

Overlord held his daughter in his arms, Morna let him hold her as long as he could. While Overlord was holding her Morna asked " I want you to name her". Overlord smiled " Harmony Mieza Lucifer, she will bring balance between the powers, she will be the peace that will give everyone a new freedom and all mortal along with immortal will make a new world together". Morna smiled and looked at the baby boy in her arm, she caressed his soft brown hairs and said " I give him the name Callum Douglas Lucifer, he will be the symbol of peace and serenity just like his sister".

Wolf who was sitting there looked at Overlord and said " it's time". Overlord nodded he let his divinity merge together as he held his daughter's hands, soon a beautiful bracelet looking similar to scarlet flowers that were commonly seen in underworld merged together on her wrist. He smiled " this is my divinity I give it to her, not only will it keep her safe but it will turn into a weapon whenever she will be in danger".

Now Overlord was completely human. Daisy who was standing far away flicked her finger and a small pill came in her hand, she smiled " this pill is for Callum, it will suppress his divinity till he is 20 years of age and after that it will dissolve on itself".Overlord nodded showing his appreciation. Wolf looked at Overlord " before I send you back let me tell you something, as you are a mortal now, you will not be able to converse each other in conscious realm".

Overlord felt his heart thump as sweat covered his body, before he thought he would atleast be able to see his wife in conscious realm. Wolf continued "But on the night of Samhain you be able to meet her in conscious realm as the barrier between mortal and immortal fade for one night".Overlord felt relief filling his body, he went to Morna kissed her on the lips and let his feeling cover her. Morna submitted herself in his arms and let herself feel his love because in coming 20 years it will be difficult for both of them.

Morna kissed the forehead of her son as tears fell down from her her eyes. Morna held her daughter as she touched the bracelet she felt her husband's warmth with her. She looked around and brought the box out that she prepared for him. Overlord saw her with this box many times but he never asked her. She smiled " this is the box of memories I want you to keep this, it contains few things that we experienced in our life and in future keep our son's memory inside it and I will do the same for Harmony. And when we will meet after 20 years let's exchange them. Overlord nodded and held Melinoe's hands who silently stood on the side. Morna smiled at the little girl " I am sorry baby girl for this seperation you are experiencing, I promise you I will come back one day and please look after your brother. We will be the family again, just trust us".

Overlord held Callum and Melinoe as Wolf covered both of them in his energy as he sent them to mortal world. As soon as they disappeared Wolf moved near Harmony. The baby girl was looking around, there was an awareness and intelligence on her face and as soon as Wolf came near her she placed her hand on its head as if she knew what she had to do. Soon a light covered both of them and a teenage looking boy stood there in place of Wolf. He smiled at Harmony as Morna became shocked, she pulled out her dagger to protect both of them but the boy smiled and said " don't worry I will never harm my future wife ".

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