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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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135 Birth

Leith sat crouched in the corner of the room, his hands covering his ears. He was mumbling loudly and crying at the same time. His most trusted minister stayed by his side. His name was Roul and he was the only personal who was allowed close to the supreme god. He cared for him since he was a little boy and he also provoked him to move out of his parents shadow and helped him achieve his dreams. Roul crouched by his side holding his hands " your majesty, there is no child in the palace. I have already checked every corner myself".

Leith looked at him his eyes crazed " which immortals gave birth to children in last 8 months, those dreams started at that time. Roul find every single one of them and inform me and capture fertility goddess, no child should be born immortal or mortal land and if born kill those bastards". Roul nodded and left to do his bidding.

Inside the cave

Morna glared at Overlord " how long has it been". She glared at Daisy and Overlord. Overlord was sweating badly both in anxiety and the grip she had on his manhood. Because according to her " this thing is responsible for all the torture my body is experiencing, let it suffer with my womb. You should also experience the same pain". Overlord was crying on inside but he didn't utter a word and continued patting her head " you are doing good darling". Because of the pain he was not able to think anything else to say.

Daisy looked at the pained look of Overlord but didn't pity him much because he was after all a god there would be no permanent damage and that thing has already done the job". Just than Morna screamed and squeezed his manhood with all her strength, two screams could be heard in the room both of Overlord and Morna. Wolf placed his paws over his ears even it was painful for him. A little bundle came out and his cries rang in the cave, Daisy held him in her arms, she smiled " it's a boy". Overlord looked at Daisy where is my baby girl, where is my cookie I suffered all this all because of her. Pull her out fast, give this rascal who caused his mother pain to me and bring my baby girl to this world.

Morna glared at him but she was too tired to do anything else when another pain bore down on her. Outside all over mortal, immortal and supreme world flowers bloomed and rainbow formed all around the world. Some places moon and sun came together to witness the happening. Morna was in too much pain to witness anything else, but everyone else in the room could see the glow that covered Morna. Finally a small bundle came to the world and as soon as her first cry rang out all the birds and animal voices rang out loud. Noone could control their joy as all the birds joined the sky and covered it with beautiful chorus.

Leith standing at his window screamed " she is born. Holy goddess is born in this world. Kill all the children born today and no immortal will survive the world".

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