Morna : goddess of death
134 Haunting
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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134 Haunting

@@8 months back

Supreme God's palace

After Leith caused his parents demise he felt haunted for many years and later he helped immortals in winning the war against Demons . He became a hero in their eyes but no one knew that he made a deal from Demons side and it was a pretense win for immortals and he had a fake arrow embedded in his chest which removed all the stains in his reputation , which resulted in him becoming a hero and slowly he forgot the unfilial act he did against his own parents.

Then a rumour was started in his palace about him loosing his consorts and concubine because of so called Myth that it was his mother's retribution but noone knew he himself killed all his wives and mainly those who got pregnant because he was scared his action will come to haunt him. He killed them with his own hands and created a rumour about holy Goddess getting jealous of his wife sharing her position and killing them mercilessly which made his rule more secured.

Only one woman escaped his clutches. She was a woman of his mother's so called holy tribe he brutally raped her and threw her aside. Later he got information about her being pregnant. He expected she will kill herself but that bitch gave birth to a girl. He searched for her far and wide but only found the body of that woman who killed herself in order to avoid telling him about that child. As she was not his official wife he hid this information for many years.

But since last eight months he had a recurring dream where he saw his mother and a huge tree and its roots covering him from head to toe and he can't breathe. He could feel breath leaving his body. Being a immortal they are not dependent on air like in mortal world but there body takes energy which is equal to air. But since last one month he heard a child's cry and giggle in his chamber. He was becoming crazy with those hallucinations and dreams but he could feel his biggest fear coming back to haunt him.

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