Morna : goddess of death
133 It“s time
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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133 It“s time

Overlord looked at his wife sleeping peacefully on his arm. He he gently touched her stomach. He whispered " I can tolerate Cookie for the girl but calling you a Dough is just wrong boy because you will carry this name to eternity". Baby boy in her womb smile , feeling happy that his father understood him. Overlord continued " but I can't go against your mum. I can improve your name from Dough to Douglas what do you say".

Overlord placed his hand on her womb and waited for his sons reply and got a kick which made him smile. Morna opened her eyes and said " how dare you to plan and plot with my own son". Overlord made innocent face " it's not my fault it was Melinoe who said she didn't want a brother with name Dough and she even said. She will not play with him if his name will be Dough". Morna looked at the sleeping Melinoe and glared at her husband.

Finally Overlord conceded " we will call our baby girl Cookie but that will be the nickname used only by us and as for our son he will be Douglas and I am firm about that". Morna nodded then asked " but what about their official name". Overlord smiled " I will name our daughter and you will name our son". Morna nodded it would be beautiful she thought. She picked up a parchment and hiding from Overlord she started making a list of boys name and inspired Overlord did the same. They decided they will give each other final name in a parchment and other party will read it after they were parted.

Morna came out of bathroom feeling bloated and discomfort on her back made her aware that the time they were scared of was here

Just like that it was 8 months. They thought they will have more moments to share with each other but reality came back to wake them from the beautiful dream. She called Overlord who after listening to her sad voice ran over and soon Daisy was called she examined Morna's womb and asked " when did the contraction start". Morna replied " it is like this since 1 hr. Daisy looked at Overlord and said " it's time to go to the cave. I think the time is here".

Overlord nodded they sent the message to Wolf and soon portal opened and they were sent to the cave. Time was passing slowly but for them it was so fast they wanted to stop it. On the other side of world inside Supreme God's castle there was Chaos. It was informed that God Leith were acting weird these days he kept on mumbling she is coming and many people were deployed for search of all immortal babies and order was given to kill them all. All this while Morna and Overlord held each other's hands as pain passed over her.

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