Morna : goddess of death
132 cookie - dough
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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132 cookie - dough

A/N : This chapter is dedicated to my fav reader CookieCat99 and Mieza one will come for you soon. This is my gratitude for Cookie for her precious power stones which she gives daily despite my irregular release

Inside floating castle Daisy meditated and regained the power of speech. Everything was going smoothly inside the lovers paradise but one day Morna had huge craving for Mortal food items. She never thought she would miss choco chip cookie this much as she was missing one right now. She growled " what type of God you are if you can't even bake some Choco chip cookies for your wife and children" In the kitchen of floating palace Overlord was stuck as all his cookies turned to dust because there was no heat source he used hell fire to cook and it was hard to control the strength of fire as it was capable to burn almost all the entity including immortals.

Daisy whose duty was to supply ingredients as she was inclined to earth and had the ability to grow anything Morna desired she gave all the earth grown ingredients and there were few remaining ration including few hen raised inside the castle. Even Daisy was tired seeing those charred cookie pieces. Now Morna was angry the babies inside her belly were more irritated because there mama can't even give them cookies. She looked at Overlord " if you will not make cookie in this attempt I will name your children Cookie 1 and Cookie 2 because there father can't even satisfy there mother's craving".

Under the constant heat of hellfire even Overlord was sweating he was tired trying to regulate heat. He looked at Morna " ok let's name them Cookie 1 and 2 because I can't try anymore how can you ask me to make something that I have never ever tasted. This was my 99th attempt and I can't use hellfire anymore as it could cause you discomfort because of heat". He turned to Daisy and asked her "what to do now". Daisy went to the cookie dough as she tasted it and looked at Morna " we can't bake the cookies because of lack of heat and we were surviving on vegetables these days because of it.Lets eat this dough, I think it will suit your taste".

After Morna tasted it she let out a Moan. With bliss in her eyes she said to Overlord " it's decided we will call our baby girl Cookie and baby boy dough. Do you have any objection". Overlord smiled " I think I have no problem with pet name but if our children will curse us it's on you". Dough inside Morna's belly glared at his sister and said " it was your craving and because of you I am named stupid Dough". Baby cookie replied " stupid dough I think it suits you". Morna enjoyed her cookie dough as her children continued kicking each other inside her stomach.

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