Morna : goddess of death
131 Creating Memories
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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131 Creating Memories

Overlord soon reached underworld he gave all responsibility to the couple Kamaraj and Medusa. He took Melinoe and bid farewell to Grams and Grampy. He gave very few details but urgency and sadness on his face didn't give courage to anyone to ask about what was happening Melinoe was as usual quiet and just looked at Overlord with silent guarded eyes. She was 3 years old now and still spoke not more than few words. It was not that she was not capable but she didn't trust anyone to even speak her mind.

But she soon adjusted to life of underworld she started learning cultivation under Kamaraj's tutelage and Medusa taught her how not to trust men and always search for men that was unlike her uncle Kamaraj. She never spoke to anyone but she learned every single thing. Because even though when she suffered she was only 1 year old but she had strong instinct to survive and as a living being surviving in underworld she had to start cultivating and protect herself.

There was only one void in her life she missed Morna even though they spent very less time she had deep love and respect for Morna as she was the first one who boldly took her as daughter but one day they both disappeared and she was anxious if it was because of her and sometimes she had this deep anger for the couple but she couldn't hide the love she had for them as she missed them.Then suddenly Overlord came back and he said he was bringing her back to spend time with them and soon they would be moving.

Overlord returned to the cave with Melinoe and Wolf sent him to Morna who was waiting for them at the floating castle that's what they named it. Morna as soon as she saw Melinoe she moved to hug her but poor child hesitated because she couldn't trust them in her heart, even though she loved them. Still Morna accepted that and the couple enjoyed Morna's pregnancy along with Melinoe who was slowly accepting in between their bickering over food to many small things. At first she was hesitant about the pregnancy but she slowly started loving them too. Just like that Morna was 6 month pregnant.

Morna opened her eyes to look at her sleeping husband she traced his face, his lips, his nose. She wanted to capture everything in her heart so that these coming years she will have strength to live without him. His hazy voice stopped her examination " I know I am quite handsome but I want our children to look just like you. Especially our son so that I could see your face whenever I looked at him".

Morna giggled" than I want our daughter to look just like you". Overlord shook his head " if she looks like me she will be too gorgeous for male population to handle". Morna glared at him " So, you mean if she looked like me she will be less pretty, do you have a death wish so early in the morning". She started tickling him in revenge which forced him to react and their laughter rang in the palace creating many memories that will help them pass coming 20 years.

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