Morna : goddess of death
130 Return of Melinoe
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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130 Return of Melinoe

A/N : I will bring back Melinoe little girl who Morna adopted after her father Sheikh Salez let Indra control his body. Later Salez made Overlord leave his body and it made Indra's plans to fail. For more detail check chapter 61-65

Wolf nodded he too found that being inside that castle will keep them hidden and he knew the new tribe leader very well. She would keep Morna's health in good condition. He let the energy from the surrounding segregate and opened the gate to the palace that was floating freely in the space. It was the safest creation made by Elder Po after spending almost all his energy. It was his safe house but who would have guessed he would meet his demise in the same castle in the hands of Morna.

Wolf made the entrance stable before sending Morna inside. He looked at the couple and said " this gate will be the gateway only accessible through inside this cave. So, be careful to never let that palace be discovered. When you go there take this sapling and place it anywhere on the ground. This sapling is child of same tree where Holy Goddess hid her soul energy before she entered your womb I will give your husband more once he reached Mortal land this will protect him and your son.

Feeling grateful Morna placed her hand over the Wolf's head. After Morna got pregnant she shared the same energy as her child thus after millenium he again got to feel the touch of Holy Goddess. Tears started dripping down his face as he gently placed his paws over her womb. Morna felt tug in her heart as she also felt an affinity towards him while on the other hand Overlord felt mixed feeling of jealousy and stress as he didn't want any wild animal near his pregnant wife. He swiftly flew to her side and removed Wolf from Morna.

Wolf growled but after calming down he finally ignored Overlord and calmly licked his paws. Morna was about to enter the portal to re-enter the palace when Overlord stopped her " give me a while I will come back, now I have found you I have to give my responsibilities to Kamaraj and Medusa. They will have to handle all the affairs of underworld and I will bring back Melinoe with her. She had been alone in underworld for a long time and it's time she will come back with us".

Morna smiled but she felt guilty because she forgot about Melinoe completely. They brought Melinoe when her father died who was under the control of Indra. She nodded and proud that her husband handled everything all too well

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