Morna : goddess of death
129 Making choice
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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129 Making choice

Overlord for the first time was so shocked that he sat down on the floor he looked at Morna and didn't say anything because his heart knew her answer. His wife would want their daughter's safety even if she had to leave him. He knew that she too was heart broken but it was her responsibility as a mother. How could she leave her daughter to few strangers. But only thing that tensed her was her decision could place her son and Overlord in danger.

They kept on looking at each other's eyes. Overlord stood up held her hand and said " we want to discuss alone". He brought her outside the hidden cave to a place where Zachary was waiting for them. But Overlord ignored him and continued to pull her to the deep forest. After walking for few minutes they were deep inside the forest he created a wall to avoid unnecessary people from hearing them.

He looked at her " what do you want to do Morna just tell me that and leave the rest to me". Morna placed her hand on her growing tummy and gently caressed it and finally replied " I choose my daughter, as a mother it will kill me to find that my daughter spent her 20 years with complete strangers who only fed her how to take some revenge over some incidence that happened god knows how many years back. Yes, I will kill Leith but not because of revenge but because my daughter will finally be safe and I am willing to kill him for that".

Than she turned to him " but what will you do. Leith will come after you if he finds out that I gave birth to holy goddess". Overlord took a deep breath and said " there is strict rule that every being in universe had to follow immortal deity can't kill any human or interfere in their destiny. I will transfer my divine energy to an object which will protect our daughter till I come back to her and help her kill that bastard as for our son he is like a mortal till he turned 20. So, we will go and live next 20 years with mortals as simple human beings. Don't worry we can meet each other in our conscious".

Morna hugged him " what could she want in life he is willing to be separated from her for next 20 years all because of her wishes". Overlord returned and looked at Wolf and asked "can you send us back to that castle where she was kept. I think no one knows she has been rescued and we can spend time till she delivers. Daisy will be there to take care of her. It is difficult to find its location I think we can be safe and spend all our time together till we have to seperate".

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