Morna : goddess of death
128 Dilemma
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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128 Dilemma

Entity started laughing " you have no option, my soul has already merged with your daughter. The tree you are seeing in your womb is my soul tree and it is giving energy to your daughter if you destroy it both your children will die". Morna remembered the tree and if tree was Holy Goddess which represents her daughter the lake was her son. They both were connected and they both were giving energy to each other as tree was supported by lake and lake was conductor for energy to reach her children.

She had no choice whatsoever, she fall down on the ground and cried in despair " I can't leave my daughter. After feeling her in my womb for all those months I can't imagine my life without her". Holy goddess studied the crying mess that was Morna and asked in comforting voice " you can't leave your daughter but can you leave your husband and son for next 20 years". Morna looked at the entity confused and asked " is it possible". Holy goddess nodded " go ask wolf it will tell you".

Morna caressed her children they were back to sleeping and looked peaceful. She kissed their forehead and returned back to Overlord. Overlord was anxious as she was unconscious for long time. He even threatened wolf many time but it was cool as cucumber making Overlord wanting to throttle him. Finally Overlord hugged Morna and asked " did you see them, are they healthy and is she Holy Goddess". Last question was asked with hesitation. Morna nodded " she is and I found out many other things".

She started explaining him what she learned from soul tree to her reason for reincarnation but she stopped when she was about to tell him about the seperation and asked the wolf " tell me my options". Wolf nodded he already knew what happened when Morna met holy goddess. He started explaining " you and your daughter share the same aura and holy goddess can keep you hidden in this tribe but not your husband and your son because your absence can create doubt in Leith's mind. He will try to reach us through Overlord.Your husband and son will be in danger from Leith.

But if you give us your child you can return to underworld together with your son without anyone knowing you gave birth to holy goddess but you can't meet her till she is turned 20 because that's when her divinity will get woken up till than this ground will protect her. You can be with your child but your husband will be in danger or you can seperate from her and keep your life secured in underworld. What do you choose Lady Morna.

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