Morna : goddess of death
127 Selfish Excuse
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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127 Selfish Excuse

Her eyes were completely golden and there was an intelligence in it.She was looking at her in caution even though she felt this person's aura matched her mother. She felt the need to protect her brother who shared this womb with her. Morna caressed her hair and asked " do you know who I am". She tilted her head and nodded her head. Morna held her hand and asked " can I see something will you allow me". The girl was confused at first than again nodded her face full of doubt and caution.

Morna let her conscious touch her daughter. She looked in her mind and another surprise waited for her because inside her daughter's mind was entire universe. There were planets, stars, sun and bright entity same she saw in her dream was standing there. She opened her eyes and smiled at Morna " we meet again ". Morna was amazed, sad and angry because this confirmed ber suspicions. She asked anger brimming her voice. " why did you choose me, why do I have to loose my own daughter for your twisted revenge".

Bright entity smiled " because I saved you". Morna was still angry but tears were flowing from her cheeks. Entity replied" this is not our first meeting, when I first saw you, you were a little girl lying below my soul tree. Morna was confused. Entity placed her hand on her head and gently caressed her " you were so small someone left you there when you were few days old". When my husband died I let a piece of my soul escape from my body. To hide from other gods I placed my soul piece inside a tree.

Noone doubted it and millions of years passed when I saw someone approach me " a women injured with her feeble few days old daughter came to my tree. She placed you bundled up below me. That woman prayed to my tree " any entity present here I beg you to save my daughter. I give her to you as I am not capable to live anymore". She took her last breath and you were left there. At that time I felt you were perfect to fullfil my destiny and my soul tree entered your womb and stayed there in passive form.

I brought you to the doorstep of God of War at that time they were not able to give birth and they took you in. I know it was difficult for you my child but it was necessary for you to reincarnate hence what happened to you was all pre-planned by I twisted your fate to make you reincarnate again. How do you think Indra became obsessed with you. Once you reincarnated your body became pure from all impurities and your womb was ready for my soul to merge with your offspring.

Morna hissed " you destroyed my life and made me dead so, you can reincarnate for your selfish excuse and now you want me to leave my daughter for your another selfish excuse I dare you to take my child. I can kill you for the sake of my child".

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