Morna : goddess of death
126 New discoveries
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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126 New discoveries

Morna's hands were fisted as she heard what Overlord was saying. Tears were slowly dripping from her cheek but she was unaware. She slowly stood up and held his collar tightly and said " so you are saying I have a son and a daughter and my daughter is reincarnation of holy goddess and to protect her from supreme god who is apparently her son, we have to leave her to bunch of people with no guarantee what so ever". Overlord nodded his head while his heart was beating fast from anguish and fear which was slowly creeping because his wife was releasing her killing intent her aura so blinding that even Overlord felt his blood froze in his veins.

She said to Overlord " go ask that wolf to bring me back and I will deal with him". Overlord nodded and returned back to wolf. He conveyed her message to wolf and wolf gave a nod. He made both of them go into deep meditation and open the gates between them. Morna teleported to Overlord before leaving she assured Daisy she will bring her back. When Morna returned she ignored Overlord completely and went to wolf who when seeing Morna bowed his head down in respect.

Morna glared at him and asked " now tell me what gibberish you were spouting and what's the proof she is reincarnation of holy goddess". Wolf nodded and said " I have the proof that will tell you she is her reincarnate and make you accept what is happening. There was a secret that no one knew Holy goddess had white divine blood flowing in her body and that same blood is in you daughter's vein. I can make you look at it". Morna was doubtful and protective she asked "will this harm her".

Wolf shook his head " I will send your conscious in your womb and you will be able to see and touch your children. You just need to analyse your daughter's body and you will find out and it is completely safe". Morna nodded and let him do that. She entered in her womb through her mind but what amazed her was it was a world on it's own there. There was a lake flowing there with golden water and along with trees and their roots were giving white light which provided power to two children who were sleeping while hugging each other.

They were so small, her daughter was hugging her brother and protecting him in her embrace. He was emitting golden light and she was giving out white calming rays. She gently caressed their head. Suddenly the girl opened her eyes what she saw made her gasp.

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