Morna : goddess of death
125 Revealing the truth part 1
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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125 Revealing the truth part 1

This time Overlord was agitated he screamed " but why do we have to leave our daughter to your tribe". Wolf showed him another picture and this time it was same 18 yr old kid. He was running and directly the image shifted and another war happened between demons and gods and same betrayer was given the title of savior as he helped the gods and from then on noone ever called him Leith, he was given the new name supreme god. Everyone forget that he was the one who killed his parents and every one only saw him as savior.

But he was cursed as he could never become a father and his wife always died within one year and he lived life of all riches but with no family that was the curse Holy Goddess left for him. So, there was another supreme god but no holy goddess in current time. Wolf looked at him and asked " he is supreme god with power over all heaven, underworld and supreme heaven. Tell me Overlord once he find that Holy Goddess has reborn what will happen". Overlord for the first time felt sweat trickling on his nape " he will kill her". Wolf nodded and said "we have to take her with us. This land is blessed with Holy Goddess and no one can enter here unless her conscious allows it. You are the first god ever entered this ground because holy goddess allowed it".

Overlord looked at wolf " I can live here with Morna and our children". Wolf shook his head " your aura is too huge to cover from Supreme god". Once she is born her presence will be known to the world and he will first search for you in first ever chance. Therefore for precaution I will erase your memory about your daughter and you will only remember the son once you bring your child to me".

Overlord stopped him " let me talk to my wife first". He went back to his conscience world with the same mirror that he brought with him. Morna as soon as she saw him she jumped over him her tummy was bigger than last time as she was five month pregnant. Her face glowing with her pregnancy. She smiled and said " I killed those bastard and we are now only one here with few maids and Daisy, now find a way fast and bring us out. Your daughter is missing you. There is nothing but dark space around us"..

Overlord was shocked first than said " how do you know it's a girl and not a boy". Morna giggled " because she came to my dream. She was so bright and she told me she is coming to me as my child. I believe she is a reincarnation of some huge entity. Her aura was so bright. Obviously her parents are god of underworld and mother goddess of underworld. She is lucky to get us as parents".

Overlord felt tears clogging his throat and said " she is pretty special darling". He caressed her stomach. He continued with heavy heart " she is holy goddess ". Morna smiled " that's what I am saying she is so powerful just like holy goddess". Overlord held her hands, she frowned " why are you so serious, is anything the matter". Overlord hugged her and kissed her lips and said " she is the reincarnation of holy goddess, sit down I have to tell something to you". He made her sit down and started telling her all that he learnt.

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