Morna : goddess of death
124 Past occurrence
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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124 Past occurrence

A/N :- Before reading this chapter please re-read chapter 97 for remembering the characters this will make the reading easy.

His voice rang in his ears " holy goddess already gave you the son, you just need to give us your daughter". Overlord fisted his hand and lunged at the damn wolf but his fist passed over the body of wolf, making him assume that it was a mere projection. Wolf moved his tail as it walked past by him. When its tail touched his body it's sensation confused him because he can't touch the wolf but wolf can touch him.

Does this mean the wolf was powerful enough to alter the matter and change his body as he wanted. He calmed himself down because he knew the entity in front of him was more powerful than the god of underworld. He asked the first question that bugged him a lot " why do I have to seperate my wife from her daughter. What are your intentions". Wolf tilted his head being alone for so long and only able to talk to tribe elders made him melancholic. Finally he found someone with whom he can truly disclose his ability.

He walked to the wall where some figures were engraved it looked like carvings. Wolf touched the wall in specific pattern and the characters in the wall began to move and in the place of wall stood a screen in front of them. He saw two people dying in each other's arms and a young man who looked 18yrs of age running somewhere. He saw the same wolf in front of him sitting next to a ladycrying out loud. They were supreme god and holy goddess.

It was Supreme god who left his essence first. Holy goddess hugged her husband and caressed his face. She turned to the wolf lying by her side. She pressed her finger at its glabella transferring her conscious to him. After receiving her consciousness it became more astute and powerful he spoke " let me kill Leith, I can do that". She said " you are not destined to kill him for that I will come back because it was me who failed to make him a good son and true ruler. I will come back and you will know when and how. Just wait for a man with my tribe and you will know when he will come and meet you. His daughter will be me coming back. That's what I saw in my last vision".

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