Morna : goddess of death
123 Divination
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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123 Divination

On the other side Overlord got the will of Daisy . Zachary accompanied him to the same statue a beautiful Lily blossomed in his hand. He placed it near the foot of the statue and bowed down in respect. A small door opened at the base of the statue and Overlord entered inside alone. As soon as he entered door closed behind him. There was darkness around him and sound of trickling of water could be heard

He went downstairs and entered the small cave. It was built for small sized females so Overlord had to crawl down inside. After crawling for a while the cave opened to small opening. He finally went out to find a tall tree standing in the center and a large white wolf guarding it, it was sleeping at that time. As soon as Overlord entered it opened his eyes they were blue sapphire in colour. It was looking Overlord with calm manner. His tail moving gently in rhythm. There were small mounds around it and while Lily blooming on top of them.

Overlord looked around for books but there was none. At one point he thought he was duped by Zachary but suddenly a voice sounded " you are not duped Overlord". He looked around but there was noone except for that wolf. He was calmly licking it's paw and said " yes it's me immortal, I am the one who is talking and I am the one who will answer to your questions". He looked at the wolf, yes it was very large for regular wolf and it's eyes showed intelligence but how is it possible.

Wolf was reading to his thoughts apparently " I have lived far longer than you, I was once the loyal subject of Holy Goddess, once she died she sent me to this tribe saying that a man will come to me asking questions and I can impart with him the knowledge that is provided to me by her, now get ready and close your eyes".

Overlord did as asked a light entered his glabella and a translucent figure appeared. She was ethereal and shining in the bright light but what shocked him was she looked a lot like Morna. The figure smiled " don't worry your wife is not reincarnation of holy goddess but your daughter is, and what I am about to ask you may make you reject me but trust me I have done many divination to find the alternative to this upcoming trouble but you will have to handover your daughter to my people and I assure you we will keep her safe, if you are willing I can remove the last hurdle to your bond and you can teleport to her and her to you easily". Denial rang in his heart,as he slowly understood what was happening.

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