Morna : goddess of death
122 Morna“s plan step 2
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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122 Morna“s plan step 2

@@Both elder stood in face off and Daisy stood at the corner her eyes showing rage that she suppressed for months. Three years back when she was meditating she got vision to go to a planet called Para-earth. She followed her vision and reached there alone. She played the part of fates plan and even lost her tongue. But her heart knew that all this suffering will bring her to holy goddess.

Today seeing those two facing off each other she felt her suffering was coming to an end. Elder Po had black fog coming out of his right hand. Suddenly Elder Jal was held by his neck. While he made water burst Elder Po to release him but his grip didn't loosen. Both continued there attack. Just when Elder Po was about to make another portal to enter the Morna's room to steal the core Daisy read his instinct and secretly jumped behind him and stabbed him.

Elder Jal was shocked that Daisy came to his rescue. He ran inside the room where Morna was sitting calmly on the bed. When she saw him she dusted her dress and said " it's good that you killed each other now killing you is a lot easy, infact my bird is quiet angry with you. Let him express his anger". Flap-Flap jumped on him Elder Jal tried to fight but Flappy was a huge bird who reached divination he easily killed him.

Morna was happy to finally be free. She went out where Daisy was killing rest of useless people and only saving the people she had hypnotised to serve them till they reach the rescue. Morna jumped to go out. Her smile blooming she dashed out and opened the door. Her smile faded at what she saw. In front her was dark abyss and apparently the house was built on a huge rock that was floating in nothing but darkness. She closed the door and muttered "now darling its up to you for coming to my rescue".

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