Morna : goddess of death
121 Morna“s plan step 1
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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121 Morna“s plan step 1

@@At this point Morna's eyes were blazing with fury and it was so potent that red aura was radiating from her body. Those old grave cradling bastards, I want to burst open their stomach and fill them with toxic hell snakes and makes them eat there own balls. Fire burning on her skin was so bright she failed to notice the portal bindings on her head which was supposed to hold her magic crumbled in front of her rage alone.

But Morna was so deep in her anger she failed to notice anything she just continuously muttered about boiling there intestine and makes them drink it's soup when Daisy held her hands calmly and started radiating calm soothing energy inside her. Now that her bonds were broken that she didn't want her aura to harm her children.

Seeing her calm face she relaxed. She held Daisy's hand and said something in sign language and when Daisy understood her plan she went outside and looked at both Elder's in there eyes and said in sign language. Her words were " despite being only 3.5 months Lady Morna had complications and she delivered one child among the twins.

Both Elder's paled at the same time " as losing one child means losing magical core with holy goddess bloodline". Elder Po stood up when Daisy said something else " I had known magical aspect of core for many years and I was able to preserve the core and when Lady Morna found out about this she rejected handling it to respected Elder's but I tried to convince her and she was willing to hand it over to Elder Po alone without Elder Jal".

Listening to this Elder Jal felt like he was loosing something important and his jealousy couldn't be controlled he created huge water storm and hit Elder Po's chest who at moment of second could able to protect himself and their fight started which was just the first step to Morna's plan.

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