Morna : goddess of death
120 Ophidian curse
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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120 Ophidian curse

Morna bit her lips looking at her tummy and trying to look outside the room. She knew what she was about to do was not dangerous for her children but still she disliked to even act out the scene about what she was about to do. She took a deep breath and tried to suppress her children's presence and slowly she made arteries in her inner thigh rupture and blood soaked her lower region slowly. Then she started groaning hoping someone would come and check.

When no one appeared she started screaming. It was about five minutes since she started screaming. She was in a panic and her heart was anxious if she bled more this will be more risky to her children when footsteps rang outside. She lay down holding her stomach and started groaning. Both foggies came running, when they saw blood a hint of panic flashed in their eyes. Elder Jal stepped up and started checking her children's presence but thankfully her masking worked because he started breathing heavily.

He was about to touch her when she hissed " I dare you to touch me and see what will happen. I promise you I will die here and let you visit oblivion with me". He stepped back. Just then Elder Po pointed to two maids one was Daisy and other was a pretty one who was Elder Jal's side piece. She knew how his mind would work. She pointed to side piece " help me check my child, find out what is wrong with them". Elder Po looked suspiciously at her then said pointing to Daisy " go check on her we will wait outside and other maid will also stay, I will not take any risk. Whoever will give unwanted help, let me tell you I will destroy your clan and you".

When they went out I was in a panic, as I can't say my plan to Daisy with this other girls present. Daisy flicked her finger and gently tapped Other girls shoulder and suddenly she was sleeping. Daisy went to me and said in sign language " I had hypnotised her long time back and was just waiting for moment like today, how can I help you Lady Morna". Morna told her everything because her gut told her to trust this little lady".

Daisy closed her eyes and her hand formed huge arc when joined together a beautiful white lily bloomed, which slowly dispersed. Morna was happy that her plan was achieved. Daisy slowly held her and pointed to her womb " let me check your body, if you are ok and they didn't give you anything dangerous". She checked her body when she reached her umbilicus. Her eyes flashed in anger ". Morna wanted to ask what was wrong" just then she touched it a small snake slithered out and entered her Daisy's stomach.

Morna asked what it was. She replied with gloomy face " an ophidian curse , it lives in pregnant mother's womb and it doesn't harm the child in anyway till the delivery. Just when the child comes out it releases a dangerous poison and kills the mother on spot".

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