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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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119 Will

@@Overlord looked at them with bore expression. His face was so blank that Zachary had no choice but to remove his men. He knew this was not the time to show force but he had to concede in this situation. So, he politely bowed his head forgetting his previous arrogance. He always considered Holy Goddess the supreme power. In front of her the current supreme god was nothing. His tribe was blessed with her protection and he knew nothing will befall on them, but now his daughter and current tribe head was missing and he had no choice but to accept defeat in front of this arrogant buffoon.

Overlord could see that it was pretty hard for these people to accept defeat and he knew he had to work with them to protect his wife and children. He finally settled himself down and explain the situation to them. Finally Zachary spoke. Tribe leader had a vision that a storm was brewing and after that she saw glimpse of holy goddess and with her vision she had an epiphany that she need to go on a journey alone and since that no-one knew where she went and now that they knew she was in such situation there temper rose at the same time.

Zachary asked Overlord " what do you need from us". Overlord was happy with there coordination and simply asked for what he came here for " I want all the scriptures and books on holy goddess that you have and every information on Wolverine Bond". Zachary was upset those books and scriptures were a gift from holy goddess and for years no man touched it ever since.

He explained this to Overlord " those books were passed from tribe leader to tribe leader and we can't show them to you, not because we are unwilling but because we don't know where they are, if you can bring her will to is it will guide you to the books".Overlord was angry at yet another problem he faced. He contacted Morna again and explained the situation. She smiled " you leave this to me and just be ready to recieve her will".

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