Morna : goddess of death
118 Women rule
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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118 Women rule

@@Overlord spent these days either reading or talking with Morna. He didn't even sleep, eat or bath. He was glad that his wife would not see him in this poor state or she will kill him for not taking care of himself. He was flipping some book when a thought struck him. He ran out and called Tanner "I will be going for few days continue your search. Send me message signal only if you find something useful otherwise I will kill you".

He disappeared in a flash leaving confused Tanner behind. He was already tired because Overlord stopped caring for his business in hell and mortal world. There was daily brawl among spirits and " Forget-it-all" soup by old lady Meng also started having production problem because of these brawls. Only peaceful existence was enjoyed by Chariot who was always on Styx. Again Overlord disappeared leaving him with his mess, he had come to a decision to resign after all he was here as a bodyguard not assistant.

Overlord came to a small secluded island where he met with holy tribe . He met with Zachary again. He was smoking cigar while his tribesman bowed their head in front of him. When he saw Overlord he gave a grunt he was already worried and he didn't want another problem in form of lord of hell. Overlord also didn't like Zachary much. He also grunted and asked " I want to see old lady that I met last time".

Zachary said " my mother died the day after she met you. I must say you are true God of underworld even your presence made our tribe leader fall to her death". Overlord could feel his disdain through his snide remark. But he also had a Trump card in his hand. In Holy tribe female were considered leader of their tribe thus given privileges that no man recieved. Here a man had to literally beg and grovel to marry a girl and their highest position in the tribe was to care for children. While women hunted and fed them. There were even cases of women abandoning men after getting pregnant.

Thus he calmly said " do you have a Daisy in your tribe". Just than swords encircled his neck while Zachary growled " where is our tribe leader?".

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