Morna : goddess of death
117 Apologize and appease
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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117 Apologize and appease

Overlord again made contact with Morna. This time Morna had tears streaming down her face. I held her in my arms and said in a soothing tone " what happened darling, what made you so upset. You need to be calm in pregnancy or it will affect our children". She was sobbing hard " they plan to bring our baby out when they will be mere 5 month in gestation and pull out there core". She held my hand " bring me out Overlord I can't live anymore. They won't even let Daisy here". Suddenly she was angry " how can you take so long to find this location and what the hell are you doing, you are a king of hell and can't even find the location of two foggies".

Seeing her anger Overlord was confused and upset for his wife. He wanted to comfort her but he didn't know if he should apologise or appease her first. He continued petting her " there, there it's ok darling. Have a trust in me. I will find you soon". Morna held his hand and slammed him on the ground " what are you doing treating me as a child. I am Morna goddess of death. Even if you can't do anything I will do it". This time Overlord chose to apologize first " I am sorry for letting you suffer. I promise I will find a way, infact I found an ancient book it said our bond will help us track each other. I just need to find a way".

This time Morna glared at him " don't you think you should have told that first. You were so busy not being useful. You missed to tell me this important information first". Overlord rubbed his nape " anxious how to appease his hormonal wife. By the time he could apologize first she again started sobbing " I am so bad I treated father of my babies so badly what would my children say to me " mom you treated dad so bad "". Again Overlord soothed her again. Finally she was in normal state.

After a while they started discussing how to find a way to track each other. They started merging their cultivation to even have sex to find a way to track each other. After a vigorous round of sex. Overlord groaned " I think we should have sex more often this way I feel our bond strengthening". Morna rolled her eyes but she was finally relaxed releasing her anxiety. When she told him about what happened recently to those bastards finding about their bond.

Overlord was angry and also relaxed " now that they know about our bond I will contact you daily. While I look for more books". Morna returned back to her room when Overlord began his search again about their bond.

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