Morna : goddess of death
115 Holy tribe part 2
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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115 Holy tribe part 2

Morna looked at him, how can you say that she is the part of holy tribe. Overlord remembered what happened 100 years back and started to tell Morna a small incident which calmed him at the time of turmoil. He said " When I lost you I had a severe fight with Indra and I was uncontrollable I had lost all the feelings in my body and your absence was killing me. So, I decided to search for your soul. I heard that there was once a tribe who had power of divinity they could see far and beyond ".

I started searching for them to ask when you will reincarnate.My research brought me to an isolated island. I searched far and wide but I found not a single soul around me. But there was a sound echoing every where after following that sound. I found a tall statue of a women at the center of that island. I touched it when cracks started appearing all over the statue, at that time I was surrounded from all side. I looked at them they were weak mortals who had blue paint all over there body and thin pointed stick on their hands. I was too arrogant to bother with mere mortals".

So, I pointed to the strongest person in the group " you can't even touch me let alone harm me, drop your weapon and help me in my quest and I may let you all live". Strongest man was Zachary, son of their tribe head. He said to me " don't think of yourself too much Overlord, you dared to harm our holy goddess and still believe we will let you go we believe small thorns can shatter a man's pride and we are enough to destroy you"

His words made me feel they are tenacious bunch of people they all attacked me at once, I also collected all my power to retaliate but suddenly I felt bound like something held me down and stopped my power. I was too astonished to notice their attack and I was knocked out cold". Overlord's face was red as for the first time he told me about his failure I tried to control myself but laughter broke out within me and I was rolling all over the floor saying " your were defeated by mere mortals holding sticks ".

Overlord grumbled seeing me laughing, he said " it was holy goddess who stopped my power, stop laughing or I won't tell you more, I controlled myself and he continued "when I woke up I was tied to a rock and an old women was sitting in front of me. She had old wizened face, but her face had a glow that made me feel as if she is powerful. She came near me and held my hand and closed her eyes.

She said " what you are looking and what we are looking are related to each other. Our holy lady told our matriarch many generations back that she is giving us a precious treasure that we have to keep secure from other people and this stone statue will give us a reaction when someone related to the treasure will come near it. She placed her finger on my glabella and a vision came to me someone was writing in water and it said "small thorns can shatter a man's pride". Vision stopped after that. She asked me when this happened I need to send bring the person I was searching to that island and all the questions will be resolved".

He looked at me " after that vision I was happy knowing you will be back and my aggression calmed down ". He held my hands looked into my eyes and said "looks like it's time for you to go back to that place and Daisy will be your medium to make that happen". Suddenly his voice was getting weak and I was sent back to that place with Daisy shaking me.

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