Morna : goddess of death
113 Camaraderie
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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113 Camaraderie

@@Morna looked around the sparse room she was kept for almost 2 wks. Both bastards avoided her like a plague. She looked at the slave girl who was preparing Bath water for her. Her hand moved in water in systematic way causing ripple in strange manner. Morna observed for second when she moved her finger on the water surface creating the same ripple. If anyone else noticed it they would have thought they were simply playing with water but Morna understood what slave girl wrote in water ripple.

She continuously wrote on water for Morna to take notice "I can help you against those Elders". Morna finally replied in same way " how can I trust how". Instead she got a reply " right now we both are living miserably and we both know you need me more, it's your choice if you want I can leave right now". Morna asked " can't we talk as you are only mute not deaf". She shook her head and replied " this place is covered with hidden recording stones we can't say anything or else they will find out".

Morna asked " can they see us". She smirked " those two foggies are miser to their core, to save some penny they only placed voice recording stones". Morna nodded " what's your name and why are you helping me". She looked sad and replied " Daisy, and my life story is too long to write in this water, tell me what you need ". Morna grinned " location of this place and arrangement of men around this place". She was silent " we were kidnapped and blindfolded when brought here, but I will find a way".

Morna asked last question placing her hand on her tummy " can we trust you Daisy?". She held her hand and wrote on water " small thorns can shatter a man's pride". Morna was confused she wanted to ask more but she left too quickly to clear her mind. She closed her eyes waiting for Overlord . A smile on her lips for finally finding a camaraderie in this hell hole.

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