Morna : goddess of death
112 Wolverine Bond
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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112 Wolverine Bond

when Morna came back she saw elder Jal checking her pulse. He looked at her with gloomy look " what did you do right now, don't try to do any tricks with me do you understand". Morna glared " I overused my power that's why I fainted, don't touch me". Elder Jal was about to speak he kept his mouth close seeing Elder Po's expression.

He went out when Elder Po created a portal sealing them inside the room " she was lying we need to keep an eye on her". Elder Jal looked grim " how did you find out " he asked. Elder Po explained to him " the portal connected to her in case of high usage of power lightens up which shows she tries to overuse the power and right now there is no movement on them, if she said that she fainted due to fatigue I would have believed her, but now I don't. I need to search for something by that time don't go near her".

Morna sat inside a smile on her lips but her eyes were glittering with killing intent and she wanted nothing more to do than kill them. She closed her eyes and let sleep claim her hoping she would meet him again.

Overlord continued searching for her while Morna tried to call Elders to find out more about the location but surprisingly both were absent and only slave girls came to give her food and water and they were all mute letting her sit there all alone.

Elder Jal sat in his room when Elder Po ran over his face full of anxiety " they have created Wolverine Bond between them". Elder Jal who was enjoying a slave girl stood up " what is it". Elder Po commented " it's a rare bond between two gods when there love and trust reach utter perfection and they have suffered love trial. It was all in legends and only Supreme God and holy goddess had this bond between them because of which they could enter reach each in unconscious state through a mediator stone".

Elder Jal said " but it's all a legend and you know in these many years all legends have traces of truth while whole load of shit in between them". Elder Jal shook his head " someone has said there is no need to play a tune in front of stupid people they would never get it even if there life depends on it". He huffed and move out to talk to Morna. While outside the girl serving Elder Jal stood listening to their conversation.

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