Morna : goddess of death
111 Mirror of conscious
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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111 Mirror of conscious

Overlord sat in their room. He made everyone leave him alone. He then shifted the bed to one side. Below it was huge chamber he flew down from above. In front of him was almost empty room except for one thing. It was a huge ancient mirror on its center was a ball of blood moving in circle. He went near it cut his hand as blood dripped on it a sizzle was heard, and suddenly mirror came to life he went inside it and mirror came to original form.

On the other side dizziness assaulted Morna when everything went black. She found herself swimming inside her pool of conscious. There she found him standing there looking at her they both ran to each other engulfing in their arms. He whispered " you promised me you will not suffer another mishap, why did you joined the fight I told you it's too risky and now you are kidnapped". Morna sniffled she had been pretty hormonal these days but she maintained her decorum as queen of underworld in front of those two bastards but in front of him her tears came running down her cheek, she sobbed holding him.

After holding her for a while he said " this is our conscious that I joined together to form this world, when you were kidnapped by your parents last time I stole this little piece of conscious from your mind and joined it with mine. You are unconscious right now but your mind is in this little world that I created. This was a type of safety net for us as you have habit to drop yourself in world of troubles. She was so happy that she was with him. She said " I don't want to wake up I want to be here forever". Overlord laughed "we can't do that as they are keeping a watch over you and we can't let them find out that you can contact me, now tell me do you have any idea where you are".

Morna shook her head " I don't know when I woke up I was there" . Overlord frowned " why did they kidnap you". Morna gasped " she forgot to tell him about her being pregnant". She held his hand and placed it on her stomach " this is because of your children that they captured me". Before war when I fainted Elder Jal found out I was pregnant and I was scared you won't let me be by your side. So, I hid it from you and those two want our children's core to capture my bloodline".

By the time she finished telling him she saw he was turned complete red while lava flowed from his body. She was not worried as she knew he would never hurt her. After about an hour he calmed down " I will slaughter them and drink their blood for capturing you and our children". Suddenly he stopped " children, you mean " Morna nodded we are having two chilren. He held her in his arms and said " I will bring you back I promise you, but you need to find out where you are kept and just inform me about that location and darling I will bring you and children back to our house".

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