Morna : goddess of death
110 Capture part 1
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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110 Capture part 1

@@When Morna opened her eyes she was in a daze but her brain was sending her signals about the innate danger. She looked around her to find dark room with inscription running on the wall and all her limbs in a dark vortex like structure. At first she thought they lost war and she was a prisoner captured. But before she could decide anything sound of people coming into the room entered her ears.

First she thought that pretend fainting would help her but when she saw people coming inside the room she was too shocked to pretend to faint. Elder Jal and Elder Po stood there. She would have thought they were her rescuer but there calmness told her that her condition is there fault.

She glared at them " why have you captured me". Elder Jal calmly smiled " we just want to keep you as our guest for next 9 months and after that you are free to go wherever you wish to". Morna knew by now what these bastard wanted " and what about my child " she asked. Elder Po was the one who replied " they would be our gift for serving you well these months, as you well know that you are Congero Potentia and bloodline of Holy Goddess would run in there veins we just need to pull out there core that runs in the back of any future cultivator. We will just pull those out and then you can go live your life".

Anger was coursing through her vein she was so angry she felt power burning in her body but suddenly sharp pain coursed through her vein making her faint again. When she came back Elder Po gave her water she wanted to resist but for her children she decided to drink it. She knew they would not poison her because of precious life in her womb.

Elder Po spoke " by now you would have understood that use of your power will cause you severe head aches which could be dangerous for you and your children. So, lady Morna you need to relax and calmly enjoy our small abode for a while".

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