Morna : goddess of death
109 War part 3
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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109 War part 3

@@Putrid air filled the surrounding and Indra's body started breaking apart and in it's place a giant demon like entity stood. This was the form that Supreme Lord cursed Indra with when Morna died in previous life. Indra found that it's magic potency was high and putrid gas that was released from his body was poisonous and his hands were corrosive to any weapon. Which made it difficult for any weapon to harm him.

Overlord quickly analysed Morna " only your body had potency to absorb most of the poison and only you can kill him. But no weapon will work on him you have to think something". By that time Indra's troop turned to half and could be easily handled by Elders. Morna turned to Flappy who has defeated Aeravat. She called Flappy and he flew towards her and entered her body but this time it was different. Instead of entering inside they fused together. Her hands turned to Flappy's talons which were sharp and pointed.

She collected her father's powers that was extreme strength, which helped her empower Indra. She held him in place and her hands entered his stomach with her talons she broke apart his body in two pieces. A huge blast rang from Indra's body which was because of his divinity breaking apart. Overlord covered her body but she fainted because of extreme weakness and lasting effect of the blast.

Silence descended in the ground Overlord carried her to his room he looked at Elder Jal who went inside the room to check her along with Elder Po. Elder Jal turned to Overlord I need to be alone with her for checking her properly. Overlord was numb from stress he went outside with other people leaving Elder Po and Elder Jal inside. After few seconds Kamaraj said to Overlord " if he needed to check Morna why does he need Elder Po". Suddenly Overlord tensed up and ran inside the room, only to find empty room. He roared "his wife was kidnapped right under his nose".

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