Morna : goddess of death
108 War part 2
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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108 War part 2

@@Morna hid behind a boulder observing the fight and waiting for her chance. With the help of the spell she can use any one of her father's power and attack with it only three times. She was waiting for the opportunity and on the other hand looked at other people fighting. All elders were busy dealing with small gods and Kamaraj was protecting Overlord as he fought with Indra to prevent any surprise attack.

Morna felt her man looked quite manly fighting with an air of arrogance and suppression. But Indra was fast and observant of Overlord's every move they had understanding of each other's powers and Indra had extra fighter his pet elephant Aeravat which had it's own attacks. This moved the scale in Indra's favor. Morna held her father's spear and took a deep breath . She caressed her stomach. When she was pranking the Overlord Elder Jal took her pulse and told her she was pregnant and he could find two lives inside her womb.

She planned to hide this from Overlord because he would have hid her and never allowed her to fight. Right now she planned to take powers of her father and combine it with Congero Potentia and increase its effect. She called out Flap-Flap. He came out in bright red wings. He bowed to Morna it was after long time she called him to fight a war with her and these days he meditated hard inside Morna's energy pool and he knew about the lives in her stomach and his motivation for helping her increased many fold.

Morna gave him order to divert Aeravat and fight the battle with him while she fought with Indra alongside Overlord. Flap-Flap jumped into the fight letting a loud screech irritating Aeravat more and blood lust in the air intensified . Overlord smiled his wife is back. Morna jumped in front of Indra stopping his attacks while Overlord moved behind in attacking his back. Indra sneered since you all like to cheat let me do the same. He pulled out a bottle drank it and what happened next made the war tough for Morna and Overlord.

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