Morna : goddess of death
107 End of Ares
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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107 End of Ares

Morna smiled " then I guess we fight father". Morna prepared her whip and suddenly fire engulfed the complete whip along with the sword that she held on her other hand she made a dash towards her father when she was near him and Ares ( god of war ) was about to attack she turned dashed behind him inside the palace and escaped from him. Ares laughed " this is what you expect from a wife of a coward ". He ran behind her while both side started their war Overlord went head on with Indra and Kamaraj fought with other gods.

Ares ran into the room his eyes blood shot. He roared and half of the palace collapsed when he saw her running towards the right side he threw his sword which she escaped by an inch. Finally she was at the end of a long corridor she was touching the wall as if trying to find escape route . He laughed " now dear daughter be obedient and let me drag you by hair and present you to great lord Indra".

He was coming towards her slowly dragging his sword behind him. When he went to the center of the room his foot was stuck at his place. He tried to move but with no result. When Medusa turned and looked at him in the eyes. He started to turn to stone. This would have been an easy problem for powerful immortal God to turn back to normal in few second and Ares was grinning at the thought when Medusa started chanting words from the scripture she held in her hand. Ares found his power getting weak and slowly leaving his body, he tried to move but couldn't as his weakened power was paralysing him.

Morna came behind him chuckling " how does it feel dad getting killed by your own daughter. Ares glared at her he tried to mumble but he was stuck in stone form. Medusa touched his lips making them free when he spoke "I feel nothing because you are not our daughter". Morna stopped and glared " you are lying, I have been with you for millions of years how could I not be your daughter". Ares glared " you better kill me because I have blood oath and can't speak about it".

Morna nodded " as you wish Lord Ares god of war". Her whipped tied around his neck with hell fire burning through it and it separated his head easily from his body. That was the end of Ares as Morna killed him his power transferred into her making it easy for her next step.

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