Morna : goddess of death
106 War part 1
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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106 War part 1

@@Every eyes turned to Medusa who glared at Kamaraj. She blushed and explained " when I was a priestess in Minerva's temple and Indra raped me I was trapped there for hundreds of years, there I found scriptures about ways to absorb power of immortal for few minutes and in that time for few minutes you can use the same power on someone else. I studied it hard and I could do one at a time. I think it could be used on God of war.

Morna smiled and went to Medusa. Who returned her smile there was a harmony between them. Morna wanted to ask about marriage and her relationship with Kamaraj but this was not the time. Suddenly Kamaraj asked " where is my brother, where is Overlord". All eyes turned to Morna who wanted to reply but before that an angry voice spoke out " I am here, my wife poisoned me apparently". All turned to look at Morna when she glared and replied " if I wanted to poison you, you would be dead".

All warriors arranged in position when Kamaraj went to Morna and said something to her. She nodded looked at Medusa and left. After a while a loud crash came on the wall and it started to crumble when they saw huge army waiting on all directions of Para-earth. Finally war started and North was attacked Elder Rock could maintain his rock army for 5 hours when they all collapsed. Just for precaution he sent some soldier in center part where Morna stood and same happened in all directions in 6 hours all Heaven army stood on one side while on other stood Morna, Overlord, Medusa, Kamaraj and tired elders with Overlord's personal guards and soldiers.

All side looked at each other in aggression. Morna called out to god of war " father are you sure you want to fight me". God of war laughed " you made my wife to die and your death is a good compensation unless you prepare to be a whore of Lord Indra".

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