Morna : goddess of death
105 battle plan
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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105 battle plan

Morna was prepared in battle gear, Tanner was standing on one side and Adriana on the other. She went outside where old foggies waited for Overlord seeing Morna they were confused. She looked at them calmly then said " our activities tired him he will be resting for a while. Elder Rock wanted to protest when Morna pulled a long sword in one hand while a whip on her other hand waved with the wind she striked it hard on a rock soldier standing behind Elder Rock which turned into dust she looked at him calmly " I don't like to be questioned".

All elders fell silent bowing their heads. Morna pulled her sword and made a long cut on her hand and letting blood to be collected in her palm then she chanted some words and slowly blood condensed into a red blazing ball then she divided it into seven parts and sent each blood into the elders glabella. She said in a calm collected voice " I made my essence into seven drops of blood which will make your efficiency increased into hundred folds".

All elders were in shock. She continued " this war will last for 24 hr and after that the wall will be remade and we need to preserve this key I have with me she presented the portal key that Kamaraj gave Overlord till this 24 hour end and whoever will have this he will win and wall will be remade ".

She turned to Elders and sent her instructions "elder Rock your army will protect north side which is hilly and wall there is weakest and Indra will attack there first, Elder Vayu you will protect west as that is desert area and wind will be our help there and you can make tornadoes and wind attacks , Elder Jal yours is south and it is mainly water whereas Elder beast you will care for east that is forest and Elder Po you will be in central where you will make portals which will send me to required area which needs most protection".

Plan in place all were prepared when Kamaraj suddenly appeared in the center with Medusa he smiled " hello old gents are you waiting for me, let me introduce my wife Medusa and she is the Trump card that will make us succeed in this war why don't you tell them darling ".

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