Morna : goddess of death
104 Bitter kiss
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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104 Bitter kiss

When Overlord entered the room Morna was smiling with a dazed look in her face. Then suddenly she turned to Overlord I want to end this war fast what is your plan. Overlord stood by the window looking outside he said " I have already discussed with the old foggies , I don't want to discuss it with you because I don't want to involve you and by knowing your nature you will jump into the plan".

Morna turned angry " stop being a chauvinistic fool, in your dazed brain did you forget who my father is ". Overlord didn't withdraw this time " and do you have any idea you can carry inheritance of holy goddess this means you have relation to that lineage making it a risky situation for us even if we survive this who knows what problems we will face in the future".

Morna chose to calm herself and asked " atleast show me war formation". Overlord flashed his hand and a map was formed. Morna studied it and asked " where is Elder Jal in this plan. Overlord was happy by her observation " I have placed him to guard my most precious treasure". Morna was curious she asked " what treasure, how could I not know about it ". Overlord grinned " it's you darling".

Morna glared " why does it look like you are loosing your brain from the time we entered this god forsaken place, you are willing to not use me and now you are letting Elder Jal to protect me, if you want to Insult me more you can ask me".

Overlord swallowed , he was about to reply her when Tanner ran inside " lord outer protective wall has become significantly thin and it may collapse tommorow instead of day after tomorrow". Overlord prepared to leave when Morna held his hand and asked in coquettish voice " darling atleast give me a kiss before your victory". Overlord held her face gently and kissed her lips sweetly taking his time.

But something was amiss, her lips tasted bitter which was weird and before he could react dizziness assaulted him and darkness came too soon for him to react. Morna kissed his cheeks " sorry darling, now be a good house husband and stay here, let your wife deal with this pest". Moving to door she called Adriana " next time make fainting powder sweet, it's after taste is bad". With that she left Overlord sleeping soundly on his bed.

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