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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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103 Scheme

Sweat beaded Overlord's forehead " what did I do, I did all that just to make my wife remember me, what happened tell me?". Elder Jal looked at him with gloomy eyes " you overdid it young boy, if you had finished it in two days it would have been good but in those three days due to super fast metabolism poison reacted wrongly making her body shut down"

Overlord became so agitated he started pulling his hair " why the fuck this happened, I just wanted my wife to remember me, was I wrong". Elder Jal nodded but said " you wanted to use your own wife to gain upper hand in the war, or else you could have waited for her memory to come back in its own, young men these days don't have patience to wait".

Overlord shook his head " yes I wanted her to remember everything before the war but it's because I never wanted her to be involved in her family politics. Her father would have used her and put her in risk, who cares about Para-earth I can gift wrap it to give it to Indra if I get my wife back".

Elder Rock repeated " So, you never cared for war you just wanted to protect her". Overlord nodded " I am not planning to use her in the war even if she remember everything, I just wanted her to be fully aware of the situation".

A feminine voice rang from his behind " So, you played your silly trick to make me remember you not for other reason" Overlord nodded than he was frozen in his place he turned fast and saw his wife casually lounging behind him. Overlord turned around to see all the old foggies grinning at him. Elder Rock guffawed " Lady Morna you could have waited for a while , we could have made him suffer more".

Morna smiled " I thank all the elders for helping me, I just wanted him to learn a lesson to never play these tricks on me again, as I woke up early I sent Adriana to you for arranging the set and making him a bit miserable but I can't tolerate his sad, panicky face it makes me feel bad and only I can tease my man".

Elder Po spoke up " ok lady Morna you have served enough dog food for decade, I am not interested in eating more . So, if you will excuse us". Elder Jal went to her and said " Lady Morna let me prescribe you some nourishing medicine, I am sure you must be sore".Morna blushed but accepted his help while other foggies dragged Overlord out.

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