Morna : goddess of death
102 what have you done boy
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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102 what have you done boy

Next morning all the elders were grumbling in the meeting room. Elder Rock banged his stick " how long it will take them, it's already three days and if they don't come out we old people will stand for our war while requesting Lord Indra to wait while our King of hell stop hopping with his wife, is this boy planning to create a world record or something".

Elder Jal stood up " this is nothing when I used to that that without that elixir it took me 5 days to come out of my room" Elder Rock grumbled " it's because it took you 3 days to pull it up and another 2 days for understanding the location of the cave that you had to use".

Elder Po cracked up while elder Jal blushed glaring at Elder Rock " oh you know all this because you were hiding in the corner trying to learn what to do". Elder Rock couldn't hold back " it's like you are a good teacher you needed crash course from that flower girl". After that lots of curses rang in the Suddenly the door was opened and someone came inside.

While on other side of palace Overlord opened his eyes to find dagger on his neck with his wife glaring at him. But for Overlord his marks on his wife's neck were more interesting he grinned seeing them. Morna saw where his eyes were going and quickly covered her neck, hissing she glared " you tricked me".

Overlord put on an innocent look " I don't remember tricking you I drank elixir on my own and you did the same how can I be blamed for that it's not like I pour it down your throat". Morna nicked his neck and a trail of blood dropped from there. A guilty look came on her face but she quickly dispersed it not letting Overlord know

Overlord casually placed his hands on her waist while grinned " if you want you can kill me I can die a happy death". Morna threw her knife aside and scratched his face with her nails. but even it did not faze him he was grinning like a cat got a canary look Morna jumped from the bed but suddenly dizziness assaulted her making her faint.

Overlord panicked he placed her on the bed and called Adriana " call physician fast". Adriana bowed " we don't have one in this palace my lord, if I may suggest you can call the elders they are experienced they can help you". Overlord was panicking on inside he asked her to call them.

All seven foggies came prancing to the room. Elder Jal glared at him " I did not ask you to kill her boy". Overlord glared " it's your fault and your stupid idea, now do something bring my wife back. Elder Jal checked her pulse and exclaimed loudly " what have you done boy".

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