Morna : goddess of death
101 Heat of the moment part 2
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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101 Heat of the moment part 2

@@R18: hot steamy stuff guys, children below 18 please skip it...

Before he finished his sentence soft lips were touching his lips and a soft moan came from both of them. Morna tried to move away but she was held tight by Overlord. She looked at him with hazy eyes and whispered " it is fucking Kasamrit, it is making me crazy" Overlord kissed her neck while mumbling " me too, but I think your body is more responsible". He bit her neck making Morna moan, she pulled his hair making him look into her hazy eyes "it was you who stopped me from leaving".

Overlord nodded " yes you won, no let me kiss you to make you enjoy your victory" he held her in his arms and carried her to bed both lips biting, kissing tongue playing with each other. Making her lie gently, he held her gown by front he grumbled " I did not lie this gown is driving me crazy" and Instantly tore it to pieces. He held her breast in his hands played with her peaked nipples and started sucking one while playing with her other breast.

She went crazy and multiple scratches lined his back and her scream filled the room. She felt his fingers probing her inside and she felt herself having orgasm just from his single touch. He was now lying completely over her and entered in one smooth motion both didn't have patience to wait for other. And wild frenzy continued. Finally both reached completion. But it was divine elixir they consumed and how could their thirst subside by doing it once. It continued for three days continuously.

Sometimes she was on top other wise she was the one dominating him. Each and every furniture broke in the room and both were finally resting on the blanket on the ground with Morna on top of him in a peaceful slumber.

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