Morna : goddess of death
100 Heat of the moment part 1
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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100 Heat of the moment part 1

Overlord opened the door in a flash and stepped inside. Morna who was sleeping at that time woke up and glared angrily at Overlord " how dare you enter my room, without permission". Overlord smirked " does a husband require permission to enter his wife's room". Morna went to him and stood toe to toe in front of him " when will your delusion stop, I am not your wife and you are not my husband, now get out and don't show me your face, it was me who was stupid enough to help you".

Overlord didn't say anything just sat on a chair and placed the bottle of Kasamrit elixir on the table, pointing at the bottle he asked Morna " do you know what it is" Seeing her blank face he didn't wait for her reply instead explained her "this is Kasamrit, the elixir..." Morna interrupted him " the elixir holy goddess used and humans were created, good Overlord now you plan to drug me and force me to do your bidding".

Overlord laughed " that's where you are wrong wife" seeing her glare he ignored her " I have not prepared this for you but for me, this potent elixir is what even Supreme God can't resist and being in love increase it's potency, but I will resist it and prove it to you that I love you and care for you and would never play with your trust". He opened the bottle drank half of it and placed the bottle aside and raised a challenging glare at her.

Morna was confused but didn't do anything, she also wanted to test him and his so called love. Both parties sat in front of each other , one was glaring but other was smiling but his eyes were slowly turning to blood red, due to lust rising within him. It was one hour when no one moved suddenly Overlord blurted out " do you have to wear red night gown today, you know I can't resist you in red, let alone with this potion, but don't worry wife I will control it just for you".

Morna glared " how many times I have told you...." this time Overlord interrupted her " yes, yes I know don't call you wife, but what can I do wife, when I see you my chest start beating hard and I can't resist saying wife, wife ,wife , wife". It was like Overlord was stuck and he continued repeating wife making Morna blush without her knowing.

Overlord smiled looking at his wife, she looked more enticing today, her soft curls falling on her face, her cheeks red and lips wet and shiny he just wanted to kiss her. But he stopped his thought and continued repeating " you can do it, you are king of hell" But his nether part was hard as rock and it was difficult to sit let alone walk. Another three hours passed now beads of sweat lined his forehead and his hands were in tight fists, he was panting like a dog on heat.

Suddenly Morna stood up and picked the bottle " I can't believe it that this is Kasamrit the so called divine elixir and I think you are cheating just to make me trust you, I have to check it myself. Overlord like a good husband tried to stop her " no wife don't drink it, your small body can't tolerate the lust, you will lose yourself and attack me" .

Morna was confused " is this man stopping her or forcing her to make her drink" but seeing his challenging eyes she picked the bottle and drank the remaining half of the bottle which was intentionally left by Overlord but he will never tell his wife. Both continued to glare and sat opposite to each other again and again three hour passed, this time Overlord was rolling in the ground, drinking water , splashing cold water on his body making him wet.

Morna shouted " hey , you are doing it intentionally because you know I like my man hot and wet" she covered her mouth and tried to run away but Overlord held her hand and stopped her " wait finish what were you saying, what type of man you like I want to know more". Morna tried to free her hand but he was not willing toet her go,and each other's touch was driving both crazy but still they tried to resist.

Overlord said after a while " you know what I can resist you even after a kiss from you, can you resist the same".

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