Morna : goddess of death
99 Proposal
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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99 Proposal

Meeting hall was in gloomy silence and different proposals was passed. Some have angered Overlord so much that hell fire erupted from his body covering the whole room it could be said those proposals dealt from killing Morna to decapitating her. It was that Overlord needed those Elders or else he would have burnt them to the crisp.

Now there was gloomy silence in the room and everyone was scared to even speak. At that time Elder Po stood up in front of Overlord and glared at him he was tired sitting in this hard chair and waiting for people to talk non-sense " make her remember my boy, your love for her". Overlord grumbled do you think it is easy. I have asked with physician and he said her body is metabolising the poison but with this speed it may take one day after war start only then she can remember".

Elder Jal started laughing " make her metabolism fast my boy then her system will work fast in removing poison." Overlord was confused seeing his creepy smile. Elder Jal chuckled " do you want me to spell it for you my boy, S_E_X". Seeing these old foggies chuckling and some even giving vulgar actions made even Overlord blush which had happened to him for first time.

Still trying to calm himself Overlord asked " but we have only five days before war start". Elder Rock pulled out a rock bottle and passed to him " boy normally I will not waste this precious elixir but for Para-earth and your sad face I am passing it to you". Overlord was suspicious "what is this" he asked.

Elder Rock chuckled " this is special treasure from King Kamaraj himself, I won this at chess game where I cheated to finally defeat the bastard and I was waiting for beautiful flower to appear and I can use it on her, but you lucky man this is going in your hand" Seeing Overlord's aloof face he couldn't tease him more. So, finally he said " this is Kamamrit".

Overlord was stumped " this is the elixir that Holy goddess used when in anger supreme ruler decided to live a monk life and she used it to seduce him and it is said as a result many mortals were born at that time and start of humans started". Elder Rock smiled " it is good you remember".

Overlord returned the bottle " I have punished a man who used this type of elixir to force himself on a woman, I fried him in hot oil for 15 years and later peeled his skin and made him fry it himself and force fed him that, how can I use such means on her". Elder Jal smiled " you love her too much boy, then let me tell you a way that it will not be forced". This time Overlord listened the proposal and saluted old foggies leaving to attend his now upset wife".

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